Draconspire is riddled with history, from the fall of Ingroth’ael to the sinking of Kal. The following timeline briefly covers most major events that have shaped the destiny of thousands.


-6870 CM - The Great Fey Empire of Ingroth’ael falls from grace. The Glass Empress is imprisoned, creating the mirror realm of the Fey which carries the old empires name.

-3500 CM - Wood elves of the Diamond Vale sink their lands to escape extinction.

-72 CM - Darastrixmaekrix begins gathering followers and founds the Church of the Bedlam Road.

-17 CM - Silvanious Nailo, a member of the Keepers, founds the Gates of Panacea.

0 CM - Calendar of Man established in Dana, the First Age is declared. The Four Fold Path is founded by Yurland Burfoot.

1 CM - 307 CM - Dana is a thriving Magocracy. Slavery and corruption are common and accepted.

3 CM - A grand temple is constructed in Dana to honor the gods, this is the first House of the Five. First Light Terrial Isstral founds the Burning Crux.

28 CM - The Dragon Crusades were called by First Light Terrial Isstral in an attempt to destroy Darastrixmaekrix at his lair in the Spine. The dragons ability to hire vast armies of mercenaries turns the Burning Crux back.

244 CM – Utoli Terriam begins constructing the Temple of Dunes. The church of the Sand God is formed by Utoli Terriam.

245 CM–258 CM - Thallans that worship the Shattered Pantheon migrate to High Dar to escape persecution by the Temple of Dunes.

247 CM – A Thallan noble, Zarys Allathan, founds the first Goldenflame Dojo in the Thunderpeak Mountains.

250 CM – Thallans from nearby tribes flock to the Temple of Dunes to see the miracles performed by Utoli. The city of Sil is born around the temple.

255 CM – The Hill Dwarves of king Myylith flee to the surface of the Golden Hills and establish the Kingdom of Goldkeep.

256-258 CM – Utoli Terriam calls for the first Epoch Crusade, conquering the cities of Tel-Rink and Tel-Aasa, toppling the ancient city states of Flausan.

264 CM – With no offspring, Utoli Terriam establishes his heir as the most senior cleric of the Sand God creating the current Thallan theocracy. 

298 CM - The Burning Blades are trained by the clerics of the Temple of Dunes.

306 CM - Ser Temmeras Von Hildergad, ruler of the militant city of Kelterran, “The Grey helm“, razes Tearvolan, vanquishes the Lich King Pertallas, and claims his lands naming his new empire Tirmordane.

306 – 325 CM – The Western Kingdoms of White Shore, Oskerfelt, Red Fold and Torkar fall to the imperial soldiers of Tirmordane under the command of Emperor Temmeras.

307 CM - The First Oathday of The Falling - 309 CM The Second Drawing of the Three Wars, Randal Resstin overthrows the last of the Magocracy supporters High Mage Quinton in a battle that rages in the streets of  Dana. Dana is established as a Republic.

309 CM - 488 CM The War of Splintered Towers, The Republic of Dana grows to cover most of its current territory, taking the lands surrounding the metropolis of Dana and establishing itself as a state.

323 CM - Randal Resstin is assassinated by the Burning Blades (currently known as the Black Iron Company), a band of famous assassins hired by Imperial Prince Aekil Von Hildergrad.

327 CM – 340 CM The city states of the Interior Lands are conquered by Emperor Meldraine Von Hildergrad.

328 CM – 344 CM The Hillvale Kingdoms fall to Imperial Prince Aekil Von Hildergrad.

360 CM – 365 CM The River Kingdoms are absorbed into Tirmordane by Empress Tamitha, known as the Red Empress. By imperial decree the last name of the Von Hildergrad family is changed to Greyhelm to distinguish itself from the other Von Hildergrads that do not carry imperial blood.

442 CM: Queen Valintys Greyhelm is widowed as Emperor Artivous Greyhelm is killed in battle. Queen Valintys kills an assassin sent to extinquish the Greyhelm bloodline saving infant prince Corminon and securing the Greyhelm lineage of Tirmordane.

443 CM-446 CM: Nakhti, High Overseer of the Temple of Dunes, calls for the 2nd Epoch Crusade. The lands of Ec Lo fall to the religious armies of Pax Thallos.

451 CM-458 CM: Nakhti yet again calls upon the devout to conquer in the name of Sendar, the 3rd Epoch Crusade rolls into the Scourlands and annexes the lands of Kedabus by sacking the city of Easpear.

458 CM: Refugees from Kedabus flee from the city of Easpear on a massive flotilla, seeking refuge in the serpent kingdom of Sesvack.   

459 CM: The militant refuges from Easpear topple the serpent kingdom of Sesvack, establishing their new lands as a free confederacy.

465 CM – 481 CM Emperor Corminon conquers the North Forest Kingdoms, establishing the current day borders of Tirmordane.

489 CM The metropolis Belltros, Southwest of Dervarn in Tirmordane, proclaims independence and seeks aid from Xar Zanth. Tirmordane soldiers raze the city before Xar Zanth reinforcements can reach the city.   

489 CM - 493 CM The War of Belltros. Xar Zanth soldiers battle soldiers from Tirmordane near the ruins of Belltros, Republic soldiers are pushed back across the Golden Hills and back into Xar Zanth.

1010 CM The elven kingdom of Vildarru is destroyed in conflict with the troll shaman Grull and his army.

1599 CM The Thorn of Amber is discovered in the nearby woods of Locklain and transported to Catlathon for safe keeping.

1692 CM Catlathon is destroyed by Vessix, the Great White Wyrm.

1698 CM Verzies Telman slays Vessix the Great White Wyrm.

1701 CM Modern Castros is Founded when King Verzies Telman is crowned.

1722 CM King Verzies Telman and his three sons, Artis, Gatonin and Caldar sack the city state of Operton in now modern day Castros, Artis dies of his wounds after battle. Operton is settled as the new capital of Castros.

1853 CM The discovery of silver draws settlers to the Silver Braid river in Southeast Castros, greatly increasing this areas population.

1985 CM Dwarves abandon the city of Cobblefield after the adamantine mines dry up in Mount Killspike.

1995 CM Sand King Bel’Arnarn garrisons Cobblefield as tensions rise with Castros.

1997 CM The Blackfoot War. Castros battles Pax Thallos in an attempt to expand its kingdom to the North taking the lands of the Blackfoot March. The Rolling Lands just North of Bourne are the established Pax Thallos, Castran border.

2002 CM: Cobblefield is sacked by Chief Pebblenose, a goblin warlord of great charisma.

2005 CM: Demoras Wintermantle constructs New Catlathon over the ruins of Catlathon.

2007 CM: Bourne is established as the new capital of Castros as Operton is razed by the Wyrm Tyrant Jiselthorn

2008 CM: Soldiers from the house of Eldath track down and destroy Jiselthorn and his cult. King Caldar the 2nd grants Lord Lenvar Eldath the title of Baron, establishing the Barony of Eldath.

2120CM: A massive heat wave known as the Firewind struck Northwest Tharstelding, killing thousands.

2254-2256 CM: The Bonebrow Rebellion takes place in the Fanglands, imperial soldiers from the Emerald Tower put down the uprising, executing King Tuk Bonebrow and bringing the Fanglands back into the fold of Tirmordane.

2258 CM: A massive earthquake felt as far away as Yelsdt sinks the continent of Kal beneath the waves of the Northern Reach, Thirvolan and Reg’Ostran refugees flock to Tharstelding.

2277 CM: The colony of New Dervarn is destroyed mysteriously, none survive to report how is was razed, most blame the sentient race known as the Candari whom are native to the lands of Dayrmacia.

2303 CM: Political activist Kenbril Lentar is assassinated by Trueblade agents. The Arcanist party and the powerful Archwizards of Candu rally the people of West Xar Zanth into a fury.

2304 CM: The Western Glade States of Xar Zanth declare independence and strive to become their own nation under the old laws of magocracy. Civil war ensues throughout Xar Zanth.