The Five, sometimes called the Holy Five, are the most powerful and commonly known gods of Draconspire, The Five are most often worshiped in a single temple called plainly enough the House of Five, these temples can be found in most major civilizations. The House of Five is usually a large structure, within the main worship chamber is a circular great room where altars and sometimes statues representing each of the Five face the center of the room. This is where the common folk come to give praise to the gods. Set into the circular great room are five doors which lead into the private halls of each branch.

Most common folk pay homage and respect each god depending on the situation, for example a man may come to the temple and make an offering to Glitanius in order to watch over his wife while she gives birth only to find out the child is not his. The same man may return to the temple and beg Ravis to kill his wife or the child out of malice and anger. A cleric of Rafar may find it hard to deal with a cleric of Radiance in the same building, however, the Bond of the Divine keeps them from violence. The Bond of the Divine is a pact between The Five and mortals that ensures if one infused with divine power should strike at another divine servant while in the walls of the House, they will be stripped of their divine power, needless to say outbreaks are very rare. Scuffs are usually taken "outside".

Stewarts over the Shattered Pantheon’s creation, The Five have adopted several domains that they find useful or amusing. Beings of pure emotion and mental energy, The Five nonetheless need to tend the creation of the fallen gods in their absence.


Ravis (NE): God of Evil, God of Lies. Ravis is a black robed being that oozes shadow and fear. His features other than a black robed frame have not been seen by any to tell the tale. The Holy Symbol of Ravis is a Raven. In the House of Five he stands to Sardack's left. Offerings are usually made to Ravis not out of want but out of fear or in passionate times were hatred clouds reason. When people come on bad times they also may make offerings to the Prince of Lies. Ravis attracts clerics that thirst for power, he is known to be both generous and merciless to his worshipers. Clerics of Ravis also called Shadowspeakers are often on the lookout for converts. Clerics of Ravis directly oppose clerics of Glitanius, they get along well with clerics of Rafar and Radiance on a case by case basis. Clerics of Sardack are usually ignored as being an inescapable variable. Clerics of Ravis pray for new spells at midnight and channel negative energy.


Dogma: Seek always to better oneself through whatever means. Revel in the night hours and know that I am watching. Oppose the good of the world for it is the weak path of instinct, benefit from its demise. Seek always to humor me with your wit and trick weaker minds. Death is but my embrace for those that cannot come to me by will. In the shadows I am watching.


Domains: Shadow*, Evil, Death, Trickery, Charm, Darkness, Repose, Rune, Knowledge, Lies*


Portfolio: Night, betrayal and murder. Creatures of Malice, Death and poison.


Holy Symbol: Raven


Favored Weapons: Poisoned Dagger, Tac. Weapons that can function as the favored weapon include: Dagger, dagger (punching), short sword, starknife, sai.


Home Plane: The Shadow's Den




Glitanius (NG): God of Good, Keeper of Life, God of Truth. Glitanius is a perfectly built being of warm features, blue eyes and fair hair. The Holy Symbol of Glitanius is a Mighty Oak Tree. In the House of Five, Glitanius Stands to Sardack's right. Offerings are made to Glitanius out of thanks. People will make offerings of money and food when fortune smiles on them. People will also make offerings when confronted with injury or pregnancy. Clerics flock to Glitanius out of love, and the desire to do good. He is known to be kind and warm to all that pay him service. Clerics of Glitanius despise clerics of Ravis and directly oppose them. They get along well with clerics of Rafar and Radiance on a case by case basis. Clerics of Sardack are usually tolerated. Clerics of Glitanius pray for spells in the morning and channel positive energy.


Dogma: Mine is the path of rebirth, the earth and truth. Spread no false, foster the sick, the less fortunate and the lost. For through my teachings and through my grace you will be born again unto the world to spread the warmth of good. Seek peace above all conflict, and only when your life is threatened take another, unless in the face of evil. Seek out and vanquish evil where ever it may reside, it is a taint on the land and a vile thorn to existence.


Domains: Earth, Good, Healing, Plant, Animal, Truth*, Community, Weather, Travel


Portfolio: The forests and the earth, birth and good health, honesty and peace.


Holy Symbol: Oak Tree


Favored Weapons: An Oaken Longbow, Long Draw. Weapons that can function as the favored weapon include: Any type of bow, normal or composite, excluding crossbows.


Home Plane: Leafhome


Sardack (N): God of Neutrality, Keeper of the Sky, God of Knowledge. Sardack appears as a 12' tall man in full plate with a simple shield and a simple mace. If the Five had a king, Sardack would be it, he is the most powerful of all the Gods. He speaks in a level tone and judges all before him. The Holy Symbol of Sardack is a Scale in Balance. In the House of Five Sardack always stands at the center. Offerings are made to Sardack when people are content with their lives wanting no change. Offerings are also made when disputes arise and or when balance is sought. Clerics of Sardack often walk the land and seek to bring balance to it. People come to them to settle disputes and often walk away disappointed that the cleric balances the issue, siding with neither party. Clerics of Sardack get along well with other clerics on a case to case basis. They do not tolerate oppression, nor do they endorse favoritism. Clerics of Sardack pray for spells at mid-day and channel either positive or negative energy selected upon taking their 1st cleric level, once selected the choice may not be altered.


Arcane Crafter: Sardack created the current of magic that makes arcane magic possible within Draconspire. Although not an arcane caster Sardack can cut anyone, even another god, away from the magical currents. Sardack has no control over divine casters other than his own.


Dogma: All existence is weighed in the scales of my eyes. For I am the heavens and your inescapable fate. Do not walk the path of favoritism, for on that road your life becomes twisted and tainted. Let all whom seek balance come to me, I am the way and the keeper of knowledge. The seasons of your lives are but my passing onto the world, and your passing unto mine.


Domains: Air, Balance*, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Fate*, Artifice, Rune, Weather, Nobility, Liberation


Portfolio: The seasons and the heavens, your fate and your journey. Knowledge.


Holy Symbol: Scales in Balance


Favored Weapon: A Simple Mace, The Gail of Twilight. Weapons that can function as the favored weapon include: Mace, heavy or light, morning star, war hammer and great club.


Home Plane: Shoulders of Centrenos


Rafar (CN): God of Chaos, Beast of the Waves, God of Undeath. It is said that Rafar was once a great prince of dragons, a massive Grimwarden. And it is preached by his clerics that when the dragons first came to Draconspire it was in a battle with Sardack he drank of the divine blood and was changed into a dead dragon god. This however is mere folklore, the God of Chaos has been and will always be, however Rafar does appear as a skeletal dragon when he decides to manifest before mortals. His Holy Symbol is a Skull. In the House of Five Rafar stands to Ravis' left. Offerings are made to Rafar when change is desired. Also one might make an offering to Rafar in hopes that a loved one remains at rest. During times of civil war and anarchy one might beg Rafar for an end, or for its continuation. Clerics come to Rafar for many reasons, they may be unhappy with the system in which they live. They may want a loved one back from the grave. Clerics of Rafar despise clerics of Radiance and oppose her where they can. They get along with other clerics on a case by case basis but tend to like clerics of Ravis and distrust clerics of Glitanius a little more often than not. Clerics of Rafar pray for spells at Sunset and channel negative energy.


Dogma: The seas of the world are mine own, in its rolling chaos and perfect imperfections. I am the change, I am the nothing. The dice fall and the dead rise upon my whims, the whims of chaos. Resist structure for it limits your very existence. Only through anarchy can the powerful survive to be limitless. Bring back the bodies of the dead so that they may sow discord, and in disorder break the limits of the weak.


Domains: Water, Chaos, Undeath*, Strength, Luck, Anarchy*, Destruction, Liberation, Madness, Repose


Portfolio: The Ocean and Undead, uprisings change and resistance as well as games of chance.


Holy Symbol: A bleached dragon skull


Favored Weapon: A Scythe to resemble a claw, favored weapons also include: Sickle, kukri, pick (both light and heavy), kama and spiked chain.


Home Plane: The Sea of After


Radiance (LN): God of Law, Maiden of Fire, Lady of Justice. Radiance is also called the Battle Maiden, she is commonly known as the youngest of the Five, as law was the last moral discovery of primal man. Radiance appears as a flame shrouded woman clad in silver armor. The Holy Symbol of Radiance is an Eight Pointed Star. In the House of Five Radiance stands at the right of Glitanius. Offerings are made to Radiance to set right the wrongs done to them. Prayers are sent to her in times of war, judges pray for her guidance. Clerics of Radiance get along well with those of Glitanius and usually distrust clerics of Ravis. Clerics of Radiance despise those of Rafar to no end. They get along with clerics of Sardack on a case by case basis. A Cleric of the Battle Maiden prays for spells at sunrise and channel positive energy.


Dogma: Do all things as if your honor were at stake, for in my eyes it is. Order is paramount, seek structure in all aspects of life. Obey your superiors. If battle is the only solution, fight with honor and valor. Let Aireot and Vellarious be my gifts to you, their light should guide your actions and their resting be your time of rest. Protect the innocent, punish the lawless, and know that I am with you.


Domains: Fire, Law, War, Protection, Sun, Justice*, Community, Nobility


Portfolio: Day and its hours, order and justice. Traditions and battles.


Holy Symbol: A Red Eight Pointed Star


Favored Weapon: A Silver Longsword, Oathbringer. Weapons that can function as the favored weapon include: Short sword, scimitar, falchion, great sword and bastard sword.


Home Plane: Fields of Valor


* New Domain