Draconspire is home to a diverse cast of mundane and bizarre adventurers. In addition to the classes presented in the Core Rulebook and other Pathfinder compatible sources, the following classes are available for players utilizing the Draconspire Campaign Setting or any other D20 based fantasy game.


The Champion Classes: These four classes encompass the edicts and ideals of the most passionate gods within the House of the Five. Sardack, supreme god of neutrality, is the only god not represented by a champion class. These classes are similar to the Core Rulebook Paladin class, and replace Paladins within the Draconspire Campaign Setting. While the DM may allow you to play a Paladin who serves either Glitanius or Radiance, players may find it easier to play a Champion Class instead.

All Champion Classes have an affiliation with their designated church, for information regarding organizations and affiliation scores see here, or navigate to the organizations tab in the Draconspire RPG menu above. The four Champion Classes, with brief descriptions, are as follows: 

Constable: A militant soldier of the Burning Crux organization. These champions of Radiance uphold the Eight Mandates unto death, desiring death over dishonor or defeat. 

Guardian: The peaceful Guardian strives to vanquish evil and help the weak.  A civil servant of the Gates of Panacea organization, the Guardian uses their divine powers to heal and eradicate darkness for the glory of Glitanius. 

Maligner: Dark and powerful, the Maligner is the martial champion of evil. Servant to the prince of lies, Ravis, the Maligner is sworn to the service of corruption based in the Shadow Sanctum organization. 

Vindicator: Bent on chaos and destruction in the name of Rafar, the fury fueled Vindicator is the natural enforcer for the Bedlam Road organization.


Draconspire Original Classes: The Draconspire Campaign Setting introduces four completely original classes unlike any previously published. These classes can be used in your Draconspire Campaign or any other Pathfinder compatible campaign. 

Striker: A master of body and power, the Striker provides martial skill and physical perfection. This class prefers to fight unarmed, making use of their fists, elbows, feet and knees. A class dedicated to training and perfecting the art of striking, these unarmored combatants can go toe to toe with the most heavily armed and armored knights. 

Replicator: The bizarre and alien Replicator can create multiple clones of themselves known as Replicas, these duplicates are often trained in various skills and equipped in a manner to provide the Replicator with true strength in numbers. With a wide array of super natural and spell like abilities to further take advantage of their creations, the Replicator can use their Replicas to devastating effect, often quickly overwhelming their opponents. 

Hedge Mage:  A naturally talented caster, infused with divine and arcane spell casting potential, as well as martial skill. The Hedge Mage eventually learns to focus their martial, arcane or divine path. With skills and abilities that are fueled by their innate magical powers, the Hedge Mage can be as versatile as its players imagination. 

Tactician: The tactician utilizes skill knowledge to bolster their defensive and offensive capabilities. Each rank they assign to a skill gives them an advantage, making the Tactician the most customizable class available.