Imagining the planes as a whole one might picture a geode. The outer plane, called Centrenos, comprises the crust of the geode and is divided into five distinct segments. These segments house the five most powerful deities of Draconspire. The western most realm of Centrenos is a chaotic and endless ocean called The Sea of After, to its east are the black sands and fetid swamps of Shadow's Den, to its east are the unimaginably towering Shoulders of Centrenos, to its east are the lofty sundrenched forests of Leafhome and finally to its east are the endless stone riddled Fields of Valor.


1. The Ethereal Plane, known as the Graylands. 2. The Plane of Shadows, 3. Negative Energy Plane,

4. Positive Energy Plane, 5. Piraktos, the Plane of Fire, 6. Aerisoon, the Plane of Air, 

7. Vahudor, the Plane of Water, 8. Gaimale, the Plane of Earth, 9. Astral Plane,

10. Centrenos, 11. Meratol, the Vast Prison. 



The Sea of After 

Physical Traits: Normal Gravity, Erratic Time, Infinite Size, Divinely Morphic.

Alignment Traits: Strongly Chaotic Aligned

Magic Traits: Wild Magic


The never ending Sea of After is Rafar's Realm. It is an endless ocean that stretches into the boundless west of Centrenos. It shares borders with Shadow's Den to its east. The realm can be broken into four distinct areas, the Dragon Rocks, the Shores of Sorrow, the Open Water and the Deep. People who die in deep sorrow or in rage may end up in The Sea of After, worshipers of Rafar whom perish will most certainly end up here. Dragons with Chaotic habits such as the feared Grimwardens of Draconspire, end up on the Dragon Rocks after their long lives have ended.


Shores of Sorrow: Where the Chaotic Sea of After and the black sand shore of Shadow's Den meet marks the Shores of Sorrow. Bones constantly wash up onto shore, along with other more horrific things. The waves lick at the black sand in no specific pattern. At low tide, which comes randomly, the chaotic beasts of the Sea make way into Shadow's Den to stir trouble. Demons, Devils and a myriad of extra planar denizens are constantly fighting on the Shores of Sorrow.


Dragon Rocks: Off the coast some fifty miles is a large chain of six rock islands called the Dragon Rocks. The rocks are barren, Volcanic activity heats them to almost unbearable levels coupled with eruptions and steam vents. The undead dragon God Rafar lives here along with his court, which is made up of his most powerful beasts and followers.


The Open Water: The great rolling Sea of After stretches boundlessly into the west. Its surface is occasionally broken by the mysterious massive body of some terrible creature. Pirate ships of long dead crews sail its open water trading and raiding passers by. Dragons fly over the waters in search of loot. The Sea is constantly wracked by storms and whirlpools.


The Deep: Under the surface of the Open Water, to the point where light no longer lingers, is the door step to the Deep. It is a realm of darkness and turmoil, the water here can be freezing cold or boiling hot. Monstrous creatures feed off the bodies of those that drift through this realm, dead or alive. Many trenches, vents, caverns and shelves lay scattered in the Deep. It is said that pockets of air exist sheltered by massive reefs that house cities of the dead and the living.


Shadow's Den 

Physical Traits: Normal Gravity, Normal Time, Finite, Divinely Morphic 

Alignment Traits: Strongly Evil Aligned 

Magic Traits: Limited Magic, only spell casters that worship Ravis may cast spells in Shadow’s Den. Spells with the Good descriptor cannot be cast.


Shadow's Den sits in the shadows of the Shoulders of Centrenos, is a land of eternal darkness, it is home to Ravis. Shadow's Den covers the land that stretches from the Shores of Sorrow, its western most boundary with the Sea of After, and the Footlands, its eastern boundary with the Shoulders. Shadow's Den can be broken into three areas Glessimvor, Tellduras and the Footlands. Thieves, brigands, murderers, rapists and all whom feed off others find their way to Shadow's Den at the end of their lives. Clerics of Ravis are said to have positions of power in this realm, a good reason many come to his service.


Glessimvor: The Glessimvor is a bog of brackish water. Disease and stench cover its area. Stunted trees, twisted undergrowth and bizarre lights and sounds are all elements of Glessimvor. Huge monsters are known to lay in wait for prey here. Totems of dark rites and rituals are strewn about the Glessimvor. It is also known that many tribes of dark warriors and thieves live in small clusters within the Glessimvor.


Tellduras: The City of Shadows and home to Ravis. Buildings of gothic architecture line the black stone streets. Candles, witchlight and torches are the only sources of light in the city. Tellduras is one of the only cities in Centrenos. Ravis' court of dark clerics and warlords reigns supreme in this planar metropolis.


Footlands: The Footlands is a realm of rolling hills dotted in black and withered trees. It marks the eastern boundary of Shadow's Den. Light sometimes reaches this area, there is an hour of daylight before dark sets back in. This moment of light is the calmest time in the known multiverse, no noise can be heard, it is often referred to as Valdoor, or the silent battle of good and evil.




Shoulders of Centrenos

Physical Traits: High Gravity, Normal Time, Finite, Alterable Morphic 

Alignment Traits: Slightly Neutral Aligned 

Magic Traits: Impeded Magic, spells with an alignment descriptor are impeded.


The Shoulders of Centrenos is an enormous mountain range that splits the godly realm of Centrenos in half. It is home to Sardack. To its west is Shadow's Den, to its east is Leafhome. Its peaks reach into the heavens. The Shoulders do not have regions quite like the other realms, for the most part they are bare and snow peaked mountains. However, a few mountains are worthy of comment, they are Unthult, Por and Methos. If you didn't care one way or another in life, or just cared about yourself, The Shoulders may be where your soul departs to. Clerics of the Great God of Balance rest here. People with passions outside of humanity such as professions and crafts usually end up in this realm as well.


Unthult: Realm of Sardack, this is the largest mountain in the Shoulders. It is also the physical center of Centrenos. It is a massive white peaked mountain hollowed with a spiderweb of caves. In the Mountain's heart is the home of Sardack, a giant gray stone fortress with no name, often referred to simply as the Hall of Judgment. People sometimes come here to seek resolution to disputes, however due to its location hundreds of miles within a remote mountain, the need is usually dire. The caves that wind their way to the Hall of Judgment are riddled with pits and cliffs. Danger lurks in form of elementals and other beasts, all meant to judge the worth of those that would seek audience with Sardack.


Por: Por, the realm of knowledge. The top of this mountain is sheered off. In its place is a towering windswept city known as Jynhop. Marble columned halls and granite towers line the howling city streets. The city Jynhop is a collection of knowledge, more than two hundred libraries are known to exist there, including the Great Repository of Minds. The greatest souls of philosophers and historians gather in the Repository of Minds to argue and discuss a great many topics. It is said that no question cannot be answered in Jynhop, if you know where to look.


Methos: Balance has a paradise, and that is Methos. This mountain is always warm, lush, and perfect. It is the resting place for those that led a balanced life. Such is the lure of Methos those that enter it usually never leave. This is the final reward given to those that serve Sardack, a land without want or need.




Physical Traits: Normal Gravity, however people who fall from any height act as if a feather fall spell had been cast on them. Normal Time, Finite, Divinely Morphic 

Alignment Traits: Strongly Good Aligned 

Magic Traits: Enhanced Magic; Good aligned spells are always extended, maximized and heightened when cast in Leafhome


Glitanius presides over the realm of Leafhome, which consists of an enormous oak tree and its many wide branches.  Leafhome stretches about half way up the Shoulders of Centrenos, its neighbor to the west. The fields of Valor share Leafhome's east border. Leafhome is divided into three regions. Clerics of Glitanius along with the souls of those who put others before themselves end up in Leafhome, this is the ultimate reward for those who lived a good life.


Greenarms: Huge branches stretch over the Low Lands and climb the Shoulders of Centrenos. These countless branches are as thin as hair or as wide as the eyes can see. They stem from a massive oak that bursts into the clouds above and out of sight. The realm of Greenarms is home to many avian creatures, their calls make a melody that many find pleasant known as the Greensong.


The Low Lands: The land under the Greenarms that grace the trunk of the Tree of Life. These grasslands entertain quite a bit of sunlight considering the canopy above. The forest floor is home to many souls that walked a gentle life, and worshiped Glitanius. The border to the Fields of Valor in the East is marked by a wall of white boulders known as the Valor Gate. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and creeks are common in the Lowlands caused by the run-off of the mountains to the west. The Low Lands house many unique fruits and animals, wonders that fetch an amazing price in Draconspire.


Lofthaven:  At the peak of the tree of life just above the cloud line, is the golden leaf realm of Lofthaven. This is where Glitanius and his most faithful reside. Glitanius has no fortress and walks the golden leaves in peace, stopping to greet those he sees. This is a realm of eternal day, the soft music of the Greensong can be heard here, adding to its serenity. 



Fields of Valor 

Physical Traits: Normal Gravity, Timeless, Infinite, Divinely Morphic 

Alignment Traits: Strongly Law Aligned 

Magic Traits: Normal Magic

The Fields of Valor are the Battle Maiden's domain. Radiance sits in her citadel close to the edge of Leafhome, the Field's western neighbor. The Fields of Valor stretch on into the east to no end, they are infinite like the Sea of After. There are two distinct areas within the Fields, the Borderlands and the Never Ending East. Soldiers and those that lead a structured life end up here when their time is over, along with anyone whom leads a life bound by personal code.


Borderlands: A land of perfect terrain, placed boulders, straight roads, uniform trees. The Borderlands, as their name implies, borders with Leafhome. It is the realm of the Battle Maiden Radiance and her un-penetrable fortress Almarass. A great city stretches out from Almarass like a wheel, its perfect streets and uniform buildings are a great example of the law that governs this land. Order is paramount here, and it is well advised to pay attention to the laws that govern this realm.


The Never Ending East: As its name implies this eternal land stretches into the unending east of Centrenos. Once you loose sight of Almarass you are considered in the Never Ending East. This is a land of eternal battle, where warriors meet and clash in honorable combat. Legions march the fields in cadence and officers meet and plan battle strategy. The sun never sets here, but at the end of every battle the warriors rise again to commend each other and march back to Almarass, where they feast and march off to battle again.



Meratol: The Vast Prison 

Physical Traits: Normal Time, Self Contained Shape, Static 

Alignment Traits: No alignment traits. 

Magic Traits: Dead Magic

A place and a purpose long forgotten to those on the material plane, Meratol is a prison, where the Five have entombed the remains of the Shattered Pantheon for all of eternity. A massive domain, of broken pillars and boiling skies, frozen lakes and cracked earth. 

Long ago, the Shattered Pantheon was all that was in this reach of space. They created and ruled over all of Draconspire. They made all of the facets of the land, the water, the skies, the earth, the elements and all of life. They brought into the void of space a spark of something. With this new life came new ideas, and most dangerous to gods, moral thoughts. Like a shining beacon the light of life drew other Gods from across the endless tracts of space, Gods unlike any the Shattered Pantheon had met. They were powerful beings infused and bent on law, chaos, evil, good and neutrality. The Shattered Pantheon could not give over their creation willingly to these beings, and ultimately fell as they attempted to vanquish the interloping gods. 


Now on the face of Meratol the Shattered Pantheon lay defeated, in the realm they once called their home. The way into Meratol has been sealed, what few gates remain are long forgotten.