Welcome to the wonderful world of Draconspire! A realm of high fantasy birthed on the island continent of Tharstelding. 

From the scorching slave ridden desert theocracy of Pax Thallos, to the wild frontier kingdom of Castros and beyond the Heman Dal to the sprawling empire of Tirmordane and the war torn republic of Xar Zanth, the inhabitants of these lands vary as much as the eight seasons of the year. 

Elves, the first creation of the Shattered Pantheon, are infused with the raw essence of creation, bonding at birth to the environment in which they are born. 

Dwarves and Hill Dwarves dwell deep under the surface of all nations within their Dwarfholds, scouring the crystalline bones of Pallar for treasure and survival. 

Thirvolans and Reg’Ostrans, feline and reptilian refugees from the sunken island of Kal toil under the watchful eyes of men as they labor to survive in a new homeland. 

The mysterious Candari, from the city states of Dayrmacia, far across the Northern Reach, explore the island of Tharstelding with unimaginable senses.    


A world under the glow of two stars, and perfected by gods long broken and discarded. Rumors have begun to boil around the common rooms and long halls, simple folk speak of the distant shores of Dayrmacia that invite would be glory seekers and treasure hunters. Caste nobles whisper about a great artifact long lost under the ruins of old Tearvolan. The World Belt Rytol, seen within the heavens day and night, reminds those below of a time when gods and dragons scoured the sky for dominance of Draconspire. 

It’s time to explore the fathomless depths of Draconspire and seek your place within the annals of history. Take up the mantle of the Holy Five as a champion class or seek to bring glory to the discarded Shattered Pantheon. Put on the ragtag robes of the Hedge Mage or delve into the deep survival knowledge of a Tactician. Show the world true strength and physical prowess as a Striker or accomplish a myriad of goals as a Replicator. 

Among these archives you will discover many new resources, designed to work with the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Pathfinder Game Material, including; 

Ÿ  New races, such as the refugee Thirvolans, a charismatic and nomadic race of cat like creatures who share a sorrow for the loss of their homeland with the Reg’ostrans, a powerful and genderless reptilian race that takes pride in great deeds of strength.

Ÿ  An in depth array of Elven races, unique to Draconspire, Elves adapt to the terrain in which they are born. 

Ÿ  The Candari, an alien race from the city states of Dayrmacia far across the Northern Reach that hone their five senses as they will.   

Ÿ  Over 55 alternate racial traits for Draconspire Campaign races and the Core Rulebook Races.

Ÿ  New core classes, including the Hedge Mage, a self-taught spell caster that blends arcane, divine and martial skills. The Striker, a brutal bare knuckled martial class that relishes hand to hand combat. The Tactician, who advances their power through the application of skills. The Replicator, an adventurer that makes copies of themselves to do their bidding. And the Vindicator, Maligner, Guardian and Constable, four similar classes that champion the most feared and loved of the Holy Five. As well as over 30 new archetypes to add further customization to these new classes!

Ÿ  Over 30 new spells.

Ÿ  9 campaign specific prestige classes.

Ÿ  30 new domains.

Ÿ  Over 75 new feats, including racial, regional, initiate and general feats.

Ÿ  Regional material designed to bring the four major nations of Tharstelding into vivid detail and promote DM adventure ideas.

Ÿ  A complete cosmology, timeline and deity outline.

Ÿ  Organizations, affiliations, and much more!