Many holidays are celebrated throughout the land of Tharstelding. Although the following list is by no means complete, it is a composition of the most common and popular among the civilized peoples. The refugee races of Thirvolans and Reg’Ostrans for example celebrate many holidays that were traditional on Kal, but have not been widespread across Tharstelding.


Parade of Light: See the Burning Crux organization.


Burning Revel: See the Burning Crux organization.


Waterlan: National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Revel of Three Wars each year. This holiday began in the year 2120 during a particularly hot Three Wars remembered as the Firewind. Celebrated with an abundance of water, the people of Tirmordane erect large public pools in the towns center where they feast and gather. In some places such as Dervarn these pools are left for several days after Waterlan.


Barreldown: National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Midspan of Clouds each year. Started in Yelsdt by the local Hill Dwarves in the year 2205, this holiday was originally celebrated as several contestants would roll down the nearby hills in specially designed barrels. As the years transpired the holiday evolved into the creation of small single man four wheeled carts that replaced the barrels. This holiday is celebrated on local hillsides all over Tirmordane, with the most renown of contestants and spectators making the trek to compete on a massive course just outside of Yelsdt.


Firstharvest:  National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Hearth of Feastmoons each year. This holiday was enacted by King Corminon in 472 CM in memory of his late mother Queen Valintys. On this day the imperial storehouses are opened and food is distributed liberally to the populace.


Gladerace: National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Setout of Six Marches each year. This holiday was enacted by the elven tribes of the Greatland forest in a time that they insist was well before the calendar of man. This is a day of physical contest which includes racing, swimming, climbing and several other physical events. In the more populated areas, such as Kelterran, an area is fenced off and a meadow dragon is released. The local lord offers great prizes, along with the prestigious title of Glade Warrior, to anyone that ventures into the fenced area to slay the meadow dragon.


Jacket Tote: National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Hearth of Balding each year. In the days leading up to this holiday women will be hard at work creating new jackets. On the actual holiday they will proceed to hunt down men that they have fancied all year and present them with these new vestments. If the man accepts, this is his approval of the lady and courtship usually follows. Needless to say, most men lay in hiding as part of the adventure of this day. Nobody can seem to remember when or where this holiday started, and nobody really seems to care.


Goblin Hunt: National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Fourthday of The Falling each year. On this day, parents will hide small green sacks with treats inside and around their homes. Children will wake early and feverishly hunt for them. The small green sacks are usually painted with leering faces which are supposed to resemble goblins. This holiday was started in 1985 CM by Tes Welfawn a common lady born in Kelterran who had a soft heart for children, it quickly became popular and was made a national holiday in 1988.


Flowertide: National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Revel of Firedawn each year, this holiday was enacted to celebrate the Empire‘s birthday. On this day flowers are placed along the main thoroughfares of every city and no horse, wagon or similar travel is permitted upon the main roads. Merchants flock to these streets to sell vivid ribbons and flowerwine, the people celebrate the founding of Tirmordane with song and dance and music which varies from city to city.


Paint Halls: National Holiday in Tirmordane, 1st Revel of Songdrift each year. This holiday was enacted by the current emperor William Greyhelm in 2997. On this day the lords must open their audience halls to the public, and provide paint with which the local populace can paint words of encouragement or distain. Nobody can be held accountable for the words they paint this day. William enacted this holiday in an attempt to please his populace and to let them know that their voice is heard.


Hesjing Kear: See the Bedlam Road organization.


Kear Vaeri Kaegro: See the Bedlam Road organization.


Greensong: See the Gates of Panacea organization.


Shades: See the Shadow Sanctum organization.


Fast: See the Temple of Dunes organization.


Elections: National Holiday in Xar Zanth, 2nd Setout of the Great Burning. On this day the people of Xar Zanth go to their local voting polls and cast their ballots. The holiday is usually centered around small to large gatherings of local politicians supporters and private parties.


Perratoris: National Holiday in Pax Thallos. This holiday runs from the 3rd Oathday of Rivers unto the 3rd Drawing of Rivers. This holiday celebrates the erection of the Temple of Dunes, and the glory of the Sand God. During this time the faithful of the Sand God pray and make resolutions for the following year. The clerics of the Sand God preach and display the power awarded to them by faith. Labor is not permitted within city walls during this holy time.