The Sand God, called by those that worship it as Sendar, is an elusive and mysterious god of unknown origins.


Worship of Sendar started in 244 CM by Utoli Terriam, declared the first prophet. His visions spoke of a great being beneath the sand dunes of Pax Thallos that could perform miracles for those that sacrificed and praised his name.


Under the guidance of Sendar, Utoli erected six massive copper domes called the Temple of Dunes in a barren stretch of desert that would later become the thriving metropolis of Sil. As word of the remote church and its immense wealth spread throughout the region tribal chieftains sent raiding parties to loot the new sanctuary. Proving the power of his god, Utoli utterly destroyed each such attempt to raid his temple. After time, the tribal chieftains that at first saw the church as an easy target began to see the god that it represented as a bastion of power. One by one the great tribal lords gathered at the copper domes to pay homage to this new god and one by one they bent their knee to its service. The great city of Sil rose from around Sendar’s church, rapidly becoming one of the world’s most powerful centers. A city dedicated to a new god.


Sendar, The Sand God (LE): Sendar is a young god, one that demands brutal and unwavering devotion from his faithful. Neither part of the Holy Five or of the Shattered Pantheon the Sand God is said to dwell beneath the oceans of sand that encompass northern Pax Thallos. Worshiped for the power he grants his most faithful, Sendar demands that his clergy expand his influence and tolerates the worship of no other god within his realm.


Within the largest dome of the Temple of Dunes rests a massive statue of a robed man nearly one hundred feet in height. Poised on a regal sandstone throne the figure stares down blankly with hollow eyes towards an ornate sacrificial altar. Here the high clerics of the Sand God perform sacrifice of life and worldly goods to Sendar on a daily basis. It is said that when a worthy sacrifice is performed the hollow eyes of Sendar’s statue come to life with eldritch fire and the statue speaks. Sometimes its words are cryptic, other times it addresses one of the faithful. In either case when these rare moments transpire those present listen with baited breath to the words of their master.


Clerics of the Sand God pray for spells at sunrise, and may choose to channel either positive or negative energy upon taking their first cleric level. Once selected the choice may not be altered.


Dogma: As the sands of time consume so shall I. Sacrifice unto me gifts worthy of a god in form of life and possessions. Spread my name as sand is spread along the shore, so that those that walk upon me will carry my words to their destination. In destruction and servitude faith is born, in loyalty and devotion your rewards shall be eternal.


Domains: Sacrifice*, Sand*, Law, Nobility, Travel


Portfolio: Pax Thallos, sacrifices, sand and servitude.


Holy Symbol: A Copper Disc, representing the Temple of Dunes.


Favored Weapon: Mace, weapons that can function as the favored weapon include: Morningstars and flails.


Home Plane: The Undersand Halls, a realm within the material plane.