Draconspire was created by a myriad of gods, small in power but numerous. They crafted the world of Draconspire and its sister Rytol, the sky, the weather, and all manner of creatures and elements. Once sentient beings were crafted they manifested thoughts and morals, which the Shattered Pantheon did not anticipate. This spark drew the attention of immensely powerful deities from beyond the edge of eternity, the Five. The Shattered Pantheon, creators of all life and existence, would not give up their masterpiece without a fight. A titanic battle ensued, in the skies and on the face of Rytol and Draconspire. The pitch was fiercest on Rytol, which ultimately led to its total destruction and the formation of the World Belt. The Five, victorious and enraged, imprisoned the Shattered Pantheon within their home realm of Meratol and rule over their creation unto this day.


Although broken and imprisoned within Meratol, the Shattered Pantheon retains fragments of its former power and beseeches those who might bend an ear to their cause. The number of imprisoned is beyond count, but the most powerful and busy of those that would seek release can be found below, their cults and followers seeking always to please their banished masters.


None of the deities within the Shattered Pantheon have a set alignment, for game mechanics they are all considered neutral. Therefore a cleric of a Shattered Pantheon deity may be of any alignment, and chooses upon taking their first level in cleric whether they channel positive or negative energy.




The Masons: Known for their crucial role in the creation of the worlds, the Masons joined dreams and cast the very mold of Draconspire and Rytol.


Pallar: Pallar appears as a hulking mass of crystalline bones, whose pair of arms end in four elongated hands. Pallar is commonly referred to as the creator of Draconspire as he laid down the giant crystal skeleton of the planet. His cultists often erect crystal monoliths and wear fragments of crystal. Worshipers of Pallar often look down on other religious views and mantras, stating simply that nothing outweighs or is more important that the creator.


Favored Weapon: Earth Breaker* 


Domains: Rune, Strength, Gem*




Xenis the Sky: Maker of the skies and gravity, Xenis has no defined physical form and is often described as a torrent of geometric shapes that spin in an eerily orderly manner. A cold and calculating god, Xenis was one of the Alpha Fallen that could have ruled over the many if he only was instilled with the passion to do so. Xenis understood that the creations of the Shattered Pantheon would require a glue to bind them and thus created gravity. His worshipers are more interested in math and science then in typical theological discussion, however that doesn’t stop them from insisting that Xenis could have single handedly destroyed the Five had he cared for anything other than logic, and that unless he is freed the world is doomed due to Sardack’s gift of magic.


Favored Weapon: Chakrum*


Domains: Air, Destruction, Darkness




Aaramor: If time is a river then Aaramor surely is its navigator. Known as the creator of time, the being Aaramor choses to manifest itself as an ancient woman with a surprisingly youthful face. Her cultists often erect shrines that double as calendars or sun dials and hold elaborate gatherings during the changing of seasons and or the passing of months. It is said that Aaramor sometimes blesses her most devoted with eternal life, and that they are untarnished by the passing of days, a rumor that has drawn some extremely power hungry and ambitious followers.


Favored Weapon: Scimitar


Domains: Artifice, Repose, Time*




Mockardis: The forgotten one, Mockardis crafted Rytol, the twin to Draconspire, at the dawn of time. When the Five first came to take the Many’s creations they initially clashed on the face of Rytol. The divine havoc that ensued left the planet little more than rubble, which over time became the World Belt as seen today. Before Mockardis’ fall, he was able to ferry over the most prized of his creations to Draconspire, known by the inhabitants of Draconspire as aberrations. Over the centuries that have passed, shards of Rytol occasionally fell to Draconspire, rich in adamantine, a metal not found naturally on Draconspire, but common on Rytol. Mockardis appears as a tentacled quadruped, his devoted almost nonexistent due to his obscurity.


Favored Weapon: Meteor Hammer*


Domains: Earth, Travel, Creation*




Kenneforis: The Mason of Meratol, Kenneforis appears as a twirling humanoid of gears and pistons. Kenneforis crafted the Many’s home plane as a place of solitude, where the Gods could reflect on their creations and work together to further their ideas. Once a paradise of marbled columns and still lakes, the prison plane, as it is called now, toils under a boiling sky and is littered in ruin. Sealed in Kenneforis’ creation the Shattered Pantheon plots and awaits its release to exact its revenge. The Mason’s followers are makers, often creating elaborate machines and structures to honor Kenneforis.


Favored Weapon: Shuriken


Domains: Artifice, Rune, Knowledge  




Zelkar: Zelkar, the pale bear, is responsible for the world’s rotation and its seasons. Zelkar’s followers erect shrines in areas with distinct seasonal attributes such as deep snowfalls or extreme summer heat waves. Some of his more scholarly cults keep track of days and months via star charts and ornate seasonal calendars. His temples, known as Dens, are almost always centered about a single broadleaf tree. These trees, called Hearth Trees, are used as altars and visual proof of Zelkar’s majesty.


Favored Weapon: Nine Section Whip*


Domains: Weather, Luck, Knowledge




Mar: Mar is one of the few remaining gods not yet banished to the prison plane of Meratol. Creator of the ethereal plane, Mar was able to escape into his creation before the fall of the Shattered Pantheon. Mar, also known as the Craven God, manifests as a shadowy humanoid devoid of any recognizable feature. The Five consider Mar an erratic, and leave him alone so long as he stays banished to the ethereal plane. Mar is happy to oblige. His followers strive to create portals to the ethereal plane, and if successful will often erect shrines at the same spot on both the ethereal and material planes.


Favored Weapon: Rapier


Domains: Darkness, Rune, Magic




Vellarious and Aireot: The twins born light, Vellarious and Aireot are physically the twin suns of Draconspire. Bound by Radiance to maintain their burning vigil, the twins care little for the battle between the Five and the Pantheon. Cults that worship the twins are more common than many of the other Shattered Pantheon’s fallen, and they erect temples designed to play with the light cast down by their gods.


Favored Weapon: Dire Flail


Domains: Sun, Fire, Glory






The Forum of Life: Known for their creation of living things, the gods that comprise the Forum of Life populated the worlds with countless creatures. The most notable of life’s creators are as follows.


Veneriz: Veneriz is a towering beast of emerald chitin and barbs, with twelve powerful legs and a set of crushing mandibles. The creator of all insects and bugs Veneriz is a god of primal fury and power. His coming is always heralded by a swarm of crimson locusts. Cultists and followers of Veneriz often wear deep green or crimson garments, chitin armor or jewelry, and proclaim their god the greatest creator of all. Some offshoot cults of Veneriz keep dangerous pets of semi intelligent insects and offer sacrifices to their god in the form of sentient beings for their swarms and monster bugs to devour. It is rumored that the most powerful of these cults is responsible for a great many hybrid and giant insects that are unnaturally fused with Veneriz’s blessing.


Favored Weapon: Mancatcher *


Domains: Madness, Destruction, Vermin*




Gilldronis: Maker of fish and most sea life, Gilldronis appears as a milky skinned woman with seaweed hair. Her eyes open like giant clams and her webbed feet and hands constantly drip salt water. Temples made out of coral and shell are common in the deeper reaches of the oceans and lakes of Draconspire, where more than one fisherman’s net has come up cut to ribbons. Worshipers of Gilldronis often trend to be intelligent seafaring creatures, the most powerful of her followers have been known to keep terrifying sea creatures as pets, feeding them as many land dwellers as they can find.


Favored Weapon: Net


Domains: Animal, Water, Travel




Tall Heart: The architect of trees and plants, also commonly called Greenlocks and Root Father. Tall Heart appears as a massive pine tree in which eight faces are carved, one for each season of Draconspire. Each face speaks independently and with its own unique voice, each with its own personality as tempered as the season that it represents. Tall Heart’s worshipers number highest among the elves of the Greatland Forest and Far Leaf that respect their woodland homes. Most of Tall Heart’s worshipers lead peaceful and natural lives, however some of his more sadistic followers see natural life as fertilizer for Tall Heart’s many and hungry creations. Shrines to this god are often erected in old dead trees and in areas of irregular tree growth, with activity among its members highest during the changes of the seasons.


Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff


Domains: Plant, Earth, Sun




The Stain: Often called the Lord Of Bees, The Stain created the berries and fruits of Draconspire along with the help of Qarrdar, Tall Heart and Veneriz. The Stain appears as a writhing wreathe of vines and branches, with a single orb of red that floats in its empty center. Many variations of this god’s holy symbol have been discovered over the centuries, most contain bushes, wreathes, bees, berries and fruits in some arrangement or another. It is not uncommon for druidic circles to dedicate their worship to The Stain, maintaining bee hives and producing massive harvests of fruit and berries.


Favored Weapon: Whip


Domains: Plant, Earth, Healing




Relk: Relk appears as an eight foot long golden cobra with a metallic green hood. Creator of reptiles, with the exception of dragons, Relk’s followers number highest among the reptilian races. The Serpent Lord’s shrines and holy places are few and far between, often cultivated in the dens of kobolds and troglodytes. Relk’s most devoted followers are usually the shamans and religious leaders of their tribes, keeping pet snakes and lizards and offering poisoned sacrifices to the Serpent Lord.


Favored Weapon: Whip


Domains: Luck, Charm, Reptiles*




Vaneriz: Brother to Veneriz, Vaneriz is lord of ooze, slime, mold and fungus. The Devourer appears as a writhing mass of slime, as large as a mountain by some accounts. Its name often whispered as a curse, the worship of The Devourer is frowned upon in most civilized areas as its shrines often reek of mold and slither with dangerous ooze. Vaneriz’s followers often find solitude in sewers and caverns, dank and dark places to cultivate their master’s creations.


Favored Weapon: Poisoned Sand Tube*


Domains: Magic, Rune, Ooze*




Iez Allafar: Father and Mother of the Reg’Ostran race, Iez looked upon the creations of Relk and Deckmontaris for its inspiration and crafted what is considered the most self sustainable of the prime races. Iez appears as a tall genderless human with a black lizards head, and is often displayed as holding a staff and a lantern. On Kal, prior to its destruction, the Reg’Ostrans erected massive temples and statues to Iez Allafar. Its worship at that place and time rivaled even the Fives popularity. However on Tharstelding his temples and shrines are scarce and elusive, often stowed in corners of Reg’Ostran nest communities in towns where they are permitted.


Favored Weapon: Greatsword


Domains: Strength, Community, Reg’Ostrankind*




Bol the Furyborn: Orcs, goblins, gnolls and all the other beast races owe Bol their thanks for their creation. Bol crafted more humanoid races than any other deity. None of his creations however are considered prime races as they are mostly tribal in nature and lack great civilizations. Bol the Furyborn appears as a hulking and hairy giant that sports a pair of silvered horns. His worshipers number in the hundreds of thousands, and can be found in almost any tribal humanoid community. When the Five first came to Draconspire, Bol was quick to declare his war against the interlopers, and one of the first to be cut down and cast into Meratol.


Favored Weapon: Horse Chopper*


Domains: Animal, Destruction, War




Wark: The three headed wolf god Wark is sometimes called the beggar god, creator of dogs and other four legged beasts he is often shunned by many as a dangerous and unpredictable master. His cults have been known to breed and fight large dogs in the seeder parts of urban areas, sometimes pitting unarmed humans against their most savage of pets. In the wild, cults of Wark sometimes run in packs, side by side with wild wolves or other savage four legged beasts.


Favored Weapon: Tekko-Kagi*


Domains: Animal, Madness, Liberation




Ser Deckmontaris: Arguably the greatest creator of all, Ser Deckmontaris created humans after witnessing the follies of Elves and Dwarves. His creation was able to learn at an unprecedented rate, harnessing the secrets of the elements and metals with ease. Deckmontaris appears in all aspects as a paragon male of the human species, with flowing blonde hair and a flawless form. His cults operate openly in cities and areas of high human populations, crafting, working and perfecting as many crafts and professions as possible. Some of Deckmontaris’ cults display a level of hostility to the other prime races, often coming across as racist or outright violent.


Favored Weapon: Temple Sword*


Domains: Glory, War, Humanity*




Pilbo: The second race born unto Draconspire were the Dwarves, they were crafted from the earth and metal of the world and instilled with the desire to survive. Pilbo, the Dwarf mother, appears as a dwarven female composed of earth and stone colored flesh. She wears a chain of jewels and holds a pick in her hands. Worshiped at length by many dwarves, Pilbos followers focus on the survival of dwarven kind and are often the matriarchs or patriarchs of their respective dwarven clans.


Favored Weapon: Dwarven Waraxe


Domains: Protection, Earth, Dwarfkind*




Velmori: The first of the prime races of Draconspire, the Elves, owe their creation to Velmori. Being the first of the prime races, Velmori instilled them with the spirit of creation so that they could bond to the land in which they were born. Velmori manifests himself as an old and wizened elf, with a bandage over his eyes and a cloak of folded leaves. His cultists number highest in the Greatland Forest and Far Leaf, they are often seen with covered eyes in order to live like Velmori and better sense the world around them.


Favored Weapon: Elven Curve Blade


Domains: Healing, Liberation, Elfkind*




Ger Gar: The prankster of the Shattered Pantheon, Ger Gar created the Thirvolan race in order to add some “flavor” to what he considered a bland and boring world. Instilled with wanderlust, the Thirvolans became a curious and wide ranging people. Ger Gar appears as a white Thirvolan that wears a purple mask, the expression on the mask ever changing with Ger Gar’s mood. His cults are almost non-existent after the destruction of Kal, but occasionally a Thirvolan in a purple mask pops up somewhere to pull a prank in the name of Ger Gar.


Favored Weapon: Dogslicer*


Domains: Trickery, Luck, Thirvolankind*




Aaestroper: The great Golden Griffon known as Aaestroper created most creatures of the sky, including birds and flying beasts. Its cults often keep falcons and other birds of prey, erecting shrines and temples known as nests or aeries in mostly inaccessible locations. Aaestropers most devoted followers sometimes breed Griffons, Rocs and other massive beasts in holy tribute to the Golden Griffon. In urban areas the cult lays out bird feeders and baths, creating havens for all winged creatures that inhabit the cities.


Favored Weapon: Bolas


Domains: Air, Animal, Glory






The Primeval Court: Energy, primal and powerful, these gods gave the world of Draconspire access to basic elemental building blocks. Much debate surrounds the topic of the Primeval Court as to if these beings are in fact gods or simply powerful forces from the elemental planes.


Calldarop: The god of Lightning, Calldarop is rightly feared by those that live beneath his creation. When seen by mortals Calldarop manifests as a humanoid shape of crackling energy with three solid blue eyes. His worshipers construct open ceiling shrines in areas of strong storm activity. It’s whispered that some of Calldarop’s darker cults have harnessed the power of electricity, and that they offer living sacrifices to the god of lightning by finding cruel ways to electrocute them. Calldarop is known as one of the Alpha Fallen, during their war with the Five he lead armies of lesser deities against Radiance and suffered several defeats before finally being cast into Meratol by the Battle Maiden. For this reason, his most devoted followers often try to undermine the Burning Crux when the opportunity presents itself.


Favored Weapon: Javelin


Domains: Weather, Air, Electricity*




The Tenfold Wind: The force of nature called wind owes its creation to a spirit known simply as the Tenfold Wind. While no simple form for this deity can be explained, it is agreed upon that when the Tenfold Wind wishes to make its presence known it manifests as a whirlwind with two burning eyes. Followers often wear garments designed to catch and move in the slightest of a breeze, erecting towers along cliffs and other areas of high wind, they sometimes make formations that create music, noise or move when the wind picks up.


Favored Weapon: Boomerang*


Domains: Air, Weather, Travel




Infernis: Creator of fire and heat, Infernis appears as a vaguely humanoid form that leaves smoldering footprints in its wake. His followers dress in rich reds, yellows and oranges. It is rumored that Infernis, although banished to Meratol, can see and speak to those near large flames. Reason enough for his faithful to keep eternal pyres alight within his shrines and holy temples. It is common for offerings to be made to Infernis by burning foodstuffs, valuables and the occasional living being.


Favored Weapon: Warhammer


Domains: Fire, Destruction, Warmth*




Daermonstrix: The coming of Daermonstrix is heralded by frost and an unearthly cold. He appears as a pale armored humanoid atop a grey mare whose mane is caked in hoarfrost. His cultists are few and far between, they sometimes build shrines at the top of frozen mountains, in the bellies of great glaciers or deep beneath the ground. Daermonstrix is never portrayed as speaking, his truth as it is known is said to be written in the purity of cold. When members of his tribe pass, their bodies are often entombed in ice to await Daermonstrix’s return.


Favored Weapon: Longsword


Domains: Repose, Magic, Cold*




Mire: Appearing as a granite torso and head connected to a worm like lower body with four emerald eyes, Mire is master and creator of all stone and earth. His cultists burrow shrines into the crust, and make mud pools with granite altars in its name. Mire’s followers paint their faces with mud and wear earthen hued clothes. While not an overly worshiped fallen god, Mire is nonetheless respected by most that toil in the earth.


Favored Weapon: Pick, heavy and light.


Domains: Earth, Darkness, Protection




Lenarsiz the Dripping Prince: Creator of Water, Lenarsiz is one of the Alpha Fallen. He appears as a broad chested humanoid with a regal shark face and a crown of coral. During the war against the Five Lenarsiz raised an army of elder water elementals and waged a war against Rafar. He was soundly defeated and resides now in the prison plane or Meratol. His cultists erect shrines and temples along shorelines and under water, worshiped by many seafaring folk and water dwelling creatures. His influence rivals the Five with the aquatic elves that dwell within the Diamond Lake, who have worshiped Lenarsiz since the sinking of their empire.


Favored Weapon: Trident


Domains: Water, Nobility, Healing




Forgaris: Maker of metal, Forgaris appears as a molten steel dragon. His cults create forge shrines of twisted iron and wear metallic jewelry. Forgaris was arguably the most powerful of the Shattered Pantheon but was the first god defeated by the Five on the first day that they came to Draconspire, his temper lead to his demise as he thrust himself into battle against all five of the overpowering interlopers. A wrathful god, Forgaris awaits the day of his release so that he can extract vengeance for his defeat.


Favored Weapon: Klar*


Domains: Artifice, Rune, Metal*




Bardawn: Portrayed as a cherub gazing down from the heavens, Bardawn is the creator of clouds. His followers wear airy clothing and read portents in the sky shapes. Often called Sky Seers by locals, worshipers of Bardawn are renowned for their ability to predict the weather deep into the counts. Some rich farmers and boat captains retain the services of Sky Seers so as best to plan voyages and harvests.


Favored Weapon: Longbow


Domains: Weather, Air, Charm




Volstar the Torent: Volstar the eternal rage, Volstar the restless, Volstar the ravager. Most speak the lord of storms name in either fear or awe. Volstars chaotic form is rarely seen in its true visage, but most portray the god as a wild haired storm giant holding a thunderbolt and wearing a kilt knitted of flesh. The cultists that worship Volstar do so with adoration and fear, they adamantly proclaim that the destruction of Kal was the will of the Ravager and proof that his release is nigh at hand.


Favored Weapon: Repeating Crossbow, light and heavy.


Domains: Weather, Madness, Destruction




The Gifters: Benevolent gods, the Gifters bestowed sensation to the living creatures of Draconspire. The most notable and charitable of these gods are as follows.


Ologos: Ologos appears as two identical humanoid shapes of solid silver that mirror each other’s motions. Creator of reflections, Ologos is often worshiped at shrines centered about reflecting pools or adorned with silvered mirrors. Many of Ologo’s most loyal cultists are also captains in the Myrid of the Mirror organization, who insist that their god crafted the mirror used by Ardo to entrap the Glass Empress (see the Myriad of the Mirror organization).


Favored Weapon: Butterfly Sword


Domains: Magic, Trickery, Reflection*




Bar’tolk: Bar’tolk, the creator of echoes and sound, is a two faced fox and bird like creature with steel blue feathers. When either of his vulpine heads chose to speak his voice seems to carry supernaturally far and stirs echoes off of nearby surfaces. The cults of Bar’tolk often chant prayers into deep canyons or chambers designed to echo sound, they are seen wearing cloaks of feathers and fox or bird masks and adamantly believe that all of civilization owes Bar’tolk its gratitude for the gift of sound. Some darker cults of Bar’tolk offer living sacrifices to the god of sound, proclaiming that the screams of the dying are a divine boon from Bar’tolk himself.


Favored Weapon: Blowgun


Domains: Travel, Magic, Sound*




Qarrdar: Creator of flavor, Qarrdar appears as goat headed man that wears a multi colored cloak. His followers number more than most in the Shattered Pantheon due to his gift, worshipers gather most often during feasting holidays to pay homage to Qarrdar by reveling in his creation. His shrines are often full of bowls containing flavored waters and treats. Sugar, peppers and reduced bile are often used in rituals to Qarrdar due to their bold flavors.


Favored Weapon: Glaive


Domains: Community, Charm, Taste*




Kilpfar Sevenstars: Kilpfar’s gift is celebrated by every living creature with every breath, as she is the craftswoman of smells. Kilpfar manifests herself as a red headed fawn of incredible beauty. She is often portrayed as wearing a crown of woven flowers. Her followers mimic her image by wearing crowns of fragrant flowers and growing scent gardens from which they can extract pungent oils and perfumes. Her shrines and temples are often overpowering in odor. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes tongue curdling.


Favored Weapon: War Fan*


Domains: Charm, Glory, Scent*




Koolamondo: An alien and jovial god, Koolamondo appears as a multi colored monkey. Creator of colors, Koolamondo’s art can be seen on every facet of existence. His cultists wear multi colored cloaks, and erect totems that others might consider rainbow eyesores. Most active during holidays, his cultists are known to be master pyrotechnicians, a trait that often makes them a welcome sight in areas of civilization. Their services are usually in high demand for local festivals and parties both as decorators and pyrotechnicians.


Favored Weapon: Iron Brush*


Domains: Luck, Magic, Color*



The Erratics: Some gods do not easily fit into mortal classification, there are those that ascend mortal life to become gods, those that dwell behind the creators and those that simply exist to destroy. Below are some of the better known Erratics.




Kire: Once a mortal, Kire is a psion of immense power and influence, his goal was to obtain godhood through unlocking the divine spark that dwells within all sentient beings minds. He learned of the Thorn of Amber, an ancient psionic artifact locked within the fortress of New Catlathon in the budding nation of Castros. After years of investigating the Thorns power he unlocked the secrets needed to ascend into godhood. This drew the attention of the five, who quickly dispatched Kire and flung his immortal soul into the prison plane of Meratol where he still dwells. Kire’s story is one of awe and worship to those that attend the Thorn of Amber and who witnessed his rise to godhood, his small following of witnesses wait for the day that their god returns to teach them how to perfect thought and body.


Favored Weapon: Quarter Staff


Domains: Knowledge, Rune, Mind*



Randarous the Void: Randarous manifests herself as an emaciated humanoid fox, with two empty pits of black for eyes. Known as the destroyer or the void, Randarous was responsible for erasing the undesired creations of the gods. Her merciless ability draws many that would seek power over life. Her cultists are often twisted and perverse from the demands she extracts from them.


Favored Weapon: Scythe


Domains: Death, Destruction, Oblivion*



Pox: A cloaked humanoid with a rutted rat face littered with open sores and milky white eyes, a foul miasma and a cloud of flies follow Pox wherever he manifests. Master of rot, decay and disease it is hard to imagine why anyone would worship such a fallen god. Even still, Pox finds followers thirsty for power, sometimes cursing them with horrible afflictions and commanding them to take refuge in heavily populated areas. His temples and holy places are often horrid, gut wrenching abodes where dead things rot openly and sickness is cultivated as an art.


Favored Weapon: Starknife


Domains: Death, Repose, Decay*




  • Ultimate Combat Favored Weapon or New Domain*