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Also I'd like to give credit where credit is due! A huge thank you goes out to my gaming group (past and present) that has put up with my campaign setting over the years. Jacob Kirwin, Mark Taylor, Matt Swanson, Ryan Steele and Chris Smith. Thank you James Torgerson for helping me flesh out some of my organizations and the Dwarfholds, your skill with a keyboard is worthy of song and story. And last but not least thank you Herwin Wielink and Lorena (Lhuvik) Arguelles for the time and energy you put into making my campaign come to life with your cartography, heraldry and artwork.

If you like the maps and heraldry you see on my site you can see more of Herwin's work and contact him at: Fantasy Maps

If you like the race and class artwork you see on my site you can see more of Lhuvik's work and contact her at: Lhuvik

Without all of you Draconspire would be stuck in my head.