In addition to the rules presented in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook these rules can be adapted to your campaign setting to add additional depth to your game.

Ignoring a Flanker: This optional rule allows a flanked creature to completely ignore a single flanking opponent. In order to utilize this ability the flanked creature must have an intelligence score of 3 or higher.

At the beginning of your turn you may decide to completely ignore a single flanking opponent. The opponent is no longer considered to be flanking you until the start of your next turn, this may result in other creatures not gaining flanking bonuses against you however it grants the ignored creature substantial combat advantages against you.

An ignored flanker gains a +2 bonus to all attacks made against the ignoring creature and does not provoke attacks of opportunity while being ignored. In addition an ignored flanker performs all attacks against the ignoring creature as touch attacks while being ignored. 

Ready to Dodge a Ranged Attack: This optional rule allows you to use the ready action as described in the Core Rulebook to possibly dodge a single ranged attack. When using this action you must select a creature that you have line of sight to, if the creature attacks you with a ranged attack that requires an attack roll you must use your readied action in an attempt to dodge the attack. You are then allowed a reflex save with a DC equal to the attack roll made against you. If successful you have dodged the incoming attack. If unsuccessful the attack resolves as normal.  

Statistic Matrix: The statistic matrix is an optional way to generate characters when rolling for statistics. Simply use whichever dice rolling method you would normally use and fill in the boxes with your results from the upper left hand corner along the first row, then repeat this method for each other row until all of the boxes are populated.


Once all of the boxes are populated with numbers select any row, column or either of the two diagonal sets of 6 numbers to use as your characters statistics.