Symbol: An oak tree.


Background, Goals, and Dreams: Warm timbered halls teeming with plants and birds, earthy incense and natural color surrounding a courtyard in which a mighty oak tree grows. These are all common sights in the halls of the Gates of Panacea. The church of Glitanius spawned from a powerful group of druidic clerics located in the Greatland Forest, known as The Keepers. The church was founded in -17 CM by Eldest Silvanious Nailo, a wood elf known for his amazing compassion and charisma. The title of Eldest is awarded to the member who has served longest as an Elder. The church as it is today is run from the House of the Five in Kelterran by Eldest Donearan Farstrider (male wood elf Cleric level 12, High Priest level 10). The church wants to help the people of Tharstelding whenever possible. It is the primary dream of those within the church of Glitanius to eradicate disease and suffering. They view their role as an important one within society, to nurture and defend the weak from the evil forces in the world. And when need be to vanquish that evil for the greater good.


Enemies and Allies: Although the Bond of the Divine keeps divine casters at bay while inside the House of the Five. It does little to mask the hatred that the Gates of Panacea feels for Ravis and his servants of the Shadow Sanctum. These two organizations usually work to undermine each other. On the other hand, the church of Glitanius has strong relations with the Keepers and a decent reputation with the people of most cities in which they serve. 


Members: Without a doubt the Gates of Panacea is largest branch of the House of the Five in terms of general membership. The majority of its members are city folk, the commoners and nobles of the land flock to the Gates of Panacea. This is mostly due to their generosity and empathy in regards to need. Quite often Clerics of Glitanius open hospitals within large cities, volunteering time and services to heal the wounded. A charity and volunteer driven organization donations are always welcome, whether these donations are in the form of coin or volunteer hours. The church of Glitanius opens its gates to anyone, even the most vile and evil of folk, in hopes that they can turn a new leaf.


Holidays: The church of Glitanius celebrates the second Revel of every spring month. This day is known as the Greensong. Many people celebrate this holiday, by planting new life, eating fruit, and holding games for kids. Singing is an important tradition on this day. It is also a day to make right any lies.


Type: Religious Branch of the House of Five 


Affiliation Score Criteria: Membership is available to all whom seek it. Even the most openly evil of people may try to redeem themselves, however the church will eventually disassociate with those who perform vile acts while part of their organization. The church will not allow evil outsiders or undead into their ranks, knowing that such creatures are typically beyond redemption.


Criterion: (One Time)

Affiliation Score Modifier

Character level

+1/2 character levels

Good alignment


Cleric of Glitanius or Guardian class


Can cast cure spells


Has an animal companion


Has 5 ranks in the heal skill


Has 5 ranks in the knowledge nature skill


Can cast remove disease


Serves at a hospital without compensation for at least a count

+1, per count

Can cast heal


Evil alignment




Criterion: (Multiple Times)

Affiliation Score Modifier

Discovers a new natural remedy


Donates to the churches coffers

+1/per 5,000 GP

Heals or removes a debilitating condition from another without compensation


Stabilizes a dying creature


Brings a dead creature back to life with raise dead or similar magic


Slays a CR 8 or higher evil creature

+1/2 creature’s CR

Destroys an evil altar or artifact


Ignores mandatory memorization of spell (see below)

-2 per day

Mistreats an animal or plant


Casts a spell with the death descriptor


Refuses healing to a living creature when providing such a service is feasible


Takes the life of another creature without cause




Titles, Benefits, and Duties: A small group of Elders runs each Hall of the Gates of Panacea within the typical House of the Five. Members of the church are expected at all times to assist those in need, or if unable, to find someone who can. Deeds are recorded by the Elders of each hall. When sufficient points are obtained to advance in title the member is approached by the hall’s Elder counsel and provided with their new robes signifying their new rank. Smiles warm hugs and handshakes are usually exchanged at that point. The higher in rank one obtains within the Gates of Panacea the more that is expected from them. Elders are no exception, and are often seen elbows deep in the muck trying to bring some good into the world. 


Affiliation Score

Title: Benefits and Duties

3 or lower

Child: No affiliation


Acolyte: Given simple white robes. You gain a +2 bonus to all heal checks.


Brother/Sister: Given brown trimmed white robes. Once per day you may cast any summon spell as though you had the augment summoning feat. You must announce this ability when you begin casting the spell. You may only summon earth elementals or animals with the use of this ability.


Father/Mother: Given green trimmed white robes. Once per day you may add your wisdom bonus to any one saving throw. You must memorize at least one remove disease spell each day if capable*


Deacon: Given silver trimmed white robes. Once per day you may cast a cure spell as a ranged touch attack with a range of 30 feet. You must memorize at least one heal spell each day if capable*

30 or Higher

Elder: Given gold trimmed white robes. Once per day while wearing your Elder robes you may cast any divine spell with a costly material component and pay only half the cost normally required. You must memorize at least one resurrection or reincarnate spell each day if capable*


* If the member is capable of memorizing the mentioned spell and chooses not to, they lose all special abilities gained from membership in the Gates of Panacea. The member does not regain the ability to perform the mentioned abilities until another member of the church or equal or higher rank casts atonement on them.