“ From the dust of civilizations we shall rise, by the blessings of Nazus, first of the trees. “

- Quoted off of the Pillar of Nazus.


Background, Goals, and Dreams:

The Circle of Nazus is an organization based on the distant island of Kal. A relatively new druidic circle, they follow a strict teaching they refer to as the Dictum of Nazus. Nazus, as it has named itself, is a mystical sapling of unknown species or age. Seemingly indestructible, the black trunk gnarled tree with golden leaves grows from a broken pillar and is thought by those in the circle to be a manifestation of nature itself, and a conduit of druidic knowledge and power. Those in the circle claim that it is was Nazus itself, when birthed, that caused the destruction of Kal in an attempt to reclaim this portion of the world in the name of nature.  Nazus is protected by 9 ancient treants, gargantuan treefolk said to be the parents of all treant kind.


Nazus speaks to those that tend it via a deep sense of empathy, which is hard for those that do not speak druidic to fully understand. For those that do speak the tongue of nature its message is bright as Vellarious. Nazus displays a burning hatred for civilization, and for those that rape the land. It calls wild fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters it’s tools to cleanse the face of Draconspire often predicting such events long before they happen.


The organization aspires to educate by example, whether willing or not, the urbanized folk of Draconspire. They are publicly known to promote activity as mild as setting loose caged animals within a town, or things as destructive as burning hamlets to the ground and tearing down city walls. But it is what the public doesn’t know that is truly frightening, on the island of Kal, Nazus now plots the demise of Tharstelding.

The Circle of Nazus is most active in the Empire of Tirmordane, but operates on a low level across the rest of Tharstelding nonetheless.


Symbol: A broken pillar sprouting a tree.


Enemies and Allies: Most civilized folk would consider the Circle of Nazus an enemy, most certainly The Keepers, another druidic circle from the Greatland Forest, count them among their adversaries. But even with most of the good and civilized world aligned against them the Circle of Nazus is not without allies. The Church of the Bedlam road views the Circle of Nazus with wonder, because they promote the challenge of authority and the return of natural instincts. The army of Valas Selven supports the Circles operations in the Greatland Forest, often aiding them in the destruction of logging camps and the raiding of supply lines. The Emerald Knights, an organization of elite soldiers based in eastern Tirmordane, has been given strict orders by emperor William Greyhelm to strike these “fanatics“ from the empire.


Members: Membership into the Circle of Nazus is restricted to those that have an understanding of nature. Not surprisingly most members are Druids or Rangers, however the occasional member of another class is not rare. A potential member must have at least 1 rank in knowledge nature to join this organization.


Type: Druidic Circle


Affiliation Score Criteria: Membership is available to those that seek the guidance of Nazus and whom Nazus deems worthy. Although no alignment restrictions apply to this organization, good characters and lawful characters may find the organizations goals at odds against their feelings. To join the organization a member must approach the shrine of Nazus on Kal and seek the blessing of the first tree. Nazus has never bestowed his blessing on those with no knowledge of nature.


Criterion (One Time):

Affiliation Score Modifier

Character level

+1/2 Character levels

Neutral alignment


Can speak druidic


Class levels in druid


Class levels in ranger


Has an animal companion


Has 5 ranks in handle animal


Can cast summon natures ally spells


Has visited all four elemental planes


Has a permanent residence in a city


Lawful alignment


Associates with an Emerald Knight or other government official of Tirmordane


Has no ranks in knowledge nature

Unable to join organization.





Criterion: (Multiple Times)

Affiliation Score Modifier

Sets loose a caged animal


Raises a creature from infancy to adulthood


Destroys a sign of civilization encroaching on nature, such as a border town or lumber camp


Succeeds on a mission assigned by Nazus


Fails a mission assigned by Nazus


Kills an animal, elemental or other object of nature outside of self defense


Promotes the growth or expansion of a natural area


Mistreats an animal, elemental or other object of nature


Razes a stronghold in a natural area


Razes a stronghold in an urban area


Lives in a city for over a month

-1/per month

Explores an unknown natural area and reports its finding to the Circle of Nazus



Titles, Benefits, and Duties: Members are required to further the agenda of Nazus, and to explore and learn from nature. In fact those that do not advance their knowledge of nature will find it impossible to advance within the organization. Members are further required to speak with Nazus when able, and to obey unquestioningly its commands. Otherwise members of this druid circle see each other as peers, although an informal hierarchy is established based on ones knowledge of nature, rank is not often pulled or enforced. Nonetheless members would be wise to consider the words of those above them in knowledge, for knowledge is power in the eyes of Nazus.


Affiliation Score

Title: Benefits and Duties

3 or lower

None: No affiliation


Seedling: Allowed access to Nazus. A seedling gains a +2 competence bonus to all handle animal checks, this bonus does not allow the member to use this skill untrained.


Sapling: Must have at least 3 ranks in knowledge nature. A sapling can always tell which direction Nazus is, no matter how distant they are. This ability will not work across planes. A sapling regains twice the number of hit points and/or ability points in damage when resting in a natural area*.


Greenheart: Must have at least 5 ranks in knowledge nature. A greenheart does not need to eat or drink if in a natural area*. Greenhearts gain a -4 penalty to all charisma based checks when not in a natural area.


Weatherwood: Must have at least 10 ranks in knowledge nature. When in a natural area* a weatherwood can use transport via plants as a spell like ability once per day with a caster level equal to their character level. The weatherwood is restricted in using this ability, only being able to transport via plants 100 years or older in age.

30 or Higher

Avatar of Nazus: Must have at least 15 ranks in knowledge nature. An avatar of Nazus is treated in all ways as a plant creature when in a natural area*. Do not change hit die, hit points, base attack, saving throws or skill points. The avatar of Nazus gains immunity to all mind-affecting effects, low light vision, immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph (unless willing), stunning and critical hits. The avatar of Nazus retains any proficiency with weapons or armor that they have and still requires air to breathe although they do not need to eat. The avatar of Nazus also gains vulnerability to fire when in this state.



* For the purpose of this ability a natural area is one in which there is not a settlement of at least 1,000 people within 10 miles.