Symbol: A red eight pointed star. Sometimes displayed as or with a yellow eight pointed star.


Background, Goals, and Dreams: Clean marbled halls lined in suits of armor, weapons and banners, warriors in plate singing long forgotten battle hymns as they drill, red fires burning in silver braziers, these are all common sights in the halls of the Burning Crux. Founded by Lady First Light Terrial Isstral (LN human female) with the first House of the Five in 3 CM. The Burning Crux is the main branch of religion for the god of Radiance. They seek to honor the battle maiden by upholding the 8 mandates and teaching the values of a lawful life to any who listen. The current leader of this religious branch is Lady First Light Maydawn Oakenglaive (LN human female, Cleric level 10 High Priest level 10, Constable level 4). The church has recently moved its headquarters from the first House of the Five in Dana to its new headquarters Hand Keep just outside of Fain in Castros.


The 8 Mandates

1. You must obey the laws set forth by the righteous.

2. You must be courageous unto the end.

3. Praise the rising of Aireot, praise the rising of Vellarious.

4. You must serve your nation in time of great need.

5. You must spread the faith to the lawless.

6. You must strive for temperance in all things.

7. Never take an oath that you cannot uphold.

8. Death in battle is glorious. Second only to victory.


The 8 Mandates were given by Terrial Isstral, the founder of the Burning Crux, and are said to be the direct words of Radiance. In fact it is rumored that Terrial was an avatar of the Battle Maiden and that she serves Radiance still.


Enemies: Although the Bond of the Divine keeps divine casters at bay while inside the House of the Five. It does little to mask the hatred that the Burning Crux feels for Rafar and his servants of the Bedlam Road. These two organizations usually work to undermine each other.









Members: One might think that an organization such as this is composed mainly of clerics and constables, this could not be farther from the truth. In fact the church is mainly composed of commoners and warriors, town militias, soldiers, public officials and leaders from all walks of life. However it is true that most of the high ranking members are clerics and constables. Obtaining membership within the church is a rather complex ordeal, you must first visit one of the many Houses of the Five. You then must speak with a cleric of the faith and ask for admittance. At that point you enter a probationary period where the church will test your faith and mettle. If they find you lacking or think you unable to hold yourself up to the mandates you will not be admitted into the organization. Probation periods vary but most are around 20 days, during that time you are encouraged to obtain recommendations and provide ethical references.


Holidays: The Parade of Light is performed every year on the First Oathday of Three Wars. This holiday involves parading through the town streets on gaudy floats which reflect, capture or magically emit light. Feasting and drinking accompany this holiday as the devoted of Radiance celebrate the planets closest approach to Aireot and the beginning of Wartide, the new year and the first summer.


The Burning Revel starts on the First Oathday of Clouds each year as Draconspire approaches its closest orbit to Vellarious and the second summer, it ends on the First Restingday of Clouds. This holiday is usually performed outside of towns, or under the supervision and permission of the governing body due to the massive bonfires that are set on this holiday, the fires are maintained throughout holiday. During this time social gatherings and family reunions are common. Small gifts are usually offered to people whom you are trying to make amends with either socially, politically or privately. 


Type: Religious Branch


Affiliation Score Criteria: Membership is available to all whom pass probation and who exhibit a desire to serve the Burning Crux. Although all alignments are found within the organization, chaotic characters may find the strict lifestyle very unappealing. The Burning Crux does not discriminate based on race or gender. In fact many women find it easier to advance Radiance herself is portrayed as female.


Criterion (One Time):

Affiliation Score Modifier

Character level

+1/2 character levels

Lawful alignment


Cleric of Radiance, Constable or Inquisitor class


Base attack +5 or higher


Has 5 ranks in diplomacy


Proficient with all martial weapons


Owns a holy weapon




Has levels in the Hand of Radiance prestige class



Criterion (Multiple Times)

Affiliation Score Modifier

Brings a law breaker to justice


Converts a new member


Slays a chaotic creature of CR8 or higher

+1/4 creature’s CR

Slays a chaotic dragon of CR8 or higher

+1/2 creature’s CR

Bring order to a frontier or lawless region


Thwarts a plot of the Bedlam Road


Razes a stronghold ruled by a chaotic leader


Overthrows a chaotic government


Spearheads a bill or a new law that gets implemented


Commands a unit within an army during a major war


Fails in combat against members of the Bedlam Road


Knowingly breaks the law of a region


Associates with known chaotic creatures


Associates with intelligent undead or chaotic dragons


Refuses quarter to a surrendering creature



Titles, Benefits, and Duties: All cells of the Burning Crux operate under one or more First Lights. From that level the church acts much like a military organization with orders running downhill. The chain of command is expected to be adhered to at all times. Most local town guards, armies and militias understand and respect the level of discipline that the Burning Crux operates at. In fact many local leaders will look to the church in times of need for assistance in maintaining order or putting down an unlawful problem. The church of the Burning Crux expects its members to obey all orders from superiors within its organization at all times. The church of the Burning Crux always has a barracks nearby each House of the Five where traveling members can rest and eat at no charge, however donations are appreciated. To gain a new title a member must pray and fast in a House of the Five for 24 hours under the supervision of a Constable or Cleric of Radiance. During this time, if the God of Light sees fit to promote the member they will begin to glow with her blessing, the color of the glow will indicate the member’s new rank within the organization. At any time a member of the Burning Crux may pray and fast at a House of the Five for 24 hours to see their rank, and in fact they may be ordered to by a higher ranking member.



Affiliation Score

Title: Benefits and Duties

3 or lower



Luminous: Rank is marked by a white aiguillette. Member glows with a soft white light after fasting and praying for 24 hours. Member gains a +2 bonus to all diplomacy checks involving members of local authority or fellow Burning Crux members. Those of Luminous rank are eligible for quartering in local Burning Crux barracks.


Aura of Vellarious: Rank is marked by a yellow aiguillette. Member glows with a soft yellow light after fasting and praying for 24 hours. Once per day, as a swift action, you can envelop a melee weapon in the flames of Vellarious. This effect lasts a number of rounds equal to ½ of your affiliation score. While a weapon is under this effect it sheds light as a torch, and deals an additional 2D6 fire damage with each successful hit. This damage does not stack with fire damage from any other source, such as from a flaming weapon. The fire damage caused by this ability overcomes any level of fire resistance, and still applies half of its damage to targets with fire immunity. This is a supernatural effect.


Aura of Aireot: Rank is marked by a red aiguillette. Member glows with a soft red light after fasting and praying for 24 hours. Once per day, as a swift action, you can envelop your body in the flames of Aireot, gaining damage reduction 10/chaotic and fire immunity for a number of rounds equal to ¼ of your affiliation score. This is a supernatural effect.


Second Light: Rank is marked by a red and yellow aiguillette. Member glows with a soft yellow light outlined with a red corona after fasting and praying for 24 hours. Member can purchase spell casting from a Cleric of Radiance at ½ the listed price, but is still required to provide any expensive material components. You gain a -10 to all diplomacy checks when dealing with members of the Bedlam Road.

30 or Higher

First Light: Rank is marked by an orange aiguillette. Member glows with a soft orange light after fasting and praying for 24 hours. You gain the ability to see in any sort of darkness, magical or otherwise, as though the area were well lit. This is a supernatural effect.