Draconspire has been home to countless civilizations, throughout its history many forms of currency have been used by people long forgotten and present. Below is a table of the most common and current currencies one may encounter while traveling the lands. To find the value of your coin first find the name of the coin in the column to the left, then find the nation that you are spending it in on the column across the top, follow it to the intersection and that is the value of the coin in either standard currency (gold, silver or copper if it is from the home nation) or the nation’s trade value (if it is a foreign currency).




Currency Conversion Table


* Common Currency of the Land




Coin Name Below, Nation Name Right.

Pax Thallos



Xar Zanth

Sand Mark

5 Silver*

2 Falcons

4 Tangs

2 Silver Bents


2 Sand Marks

2 Gold*

2 Crowns

1 Gold Bent


1/10th Sand Mark

1 Silver*

1 Tang

½ Silver Bent


1/200th Sand Mark

½ Copper*

½ Bit

¼ Copper Bent


2 Sand Marks

½ Eagle

1 Gold*

½ Gold Bent


1/5th Sand Mark

1 Falcon

1 Silver*

½ Silver Bent


1/100th Sand Mark

2 Sparrows

1 Copper*

½ Copper Bent

Gold Bent

4 Sand Marks

1 Eagle

2 Crowns

2 Gold*

Silver Bent

2.6 Sand Marks

1 Falcon

2 Tangs

2 Silver*

Copper Bent

1/50th Sand Mark

1 Sparrow

2 Bits

2 Copper*




Alien Currency: Long forgotten currency or coin from another land falls into this category. When determining the value of alien currency give it full value based on the area that it is being spent. For example, a 1st level Reg’ostran with the Noble Lineage feat from the family of Lel can produce 5 gold per day, this currency would be treated as 5 gold worth of the native currency.




Candari Currency: Candari trade mainly in gems due to the universal simplicity of the stones, the numerous independent city states that dot Dayrmacia find them to be a viable common currency. Some of the larger cities fabricate crystal currency, with the denominations etched in 3 dimensions. Even rarer still are the city states that mint coins. These coins can be of any metal but usually are made of iron, bronze and lead. Candari crystal money is worthless in Tharstelding to a non-Candari, however the coins can sometimes be used as alien currency depending on the metal they are minted from.