The Black Iron Company first got public notice when it claimed credit for the assassination of Randal Resstin, the great mage turned savior of Dana. Since then the name of the Black Iron Company strikes fear into all but the most foolish of hearts. The group was founded in what is modern day Sil, but has since moved its headquarters to Tel-Rink, the guild has chapterhouses all over Tharstelding.


The Black Iron Company was formed by the church of the Sand God in 298 CM, under the original name of the Burning Blades, to be elite assassins for the church and by extension the Thallan government. In 323 CM a young prince of Tirmordane secretly hired the best of the Burning Blades, completely unknown to the church or so it is said, to assassinate the famous leader of the newly forged republic of Xar Zanth, Randal Resstin. Shortly after the successful assassination of Randal Resstin the Temple of Dunes officially disbanded the Burning Blades, a political move designed to quell the anger of the Zantians who had just lost their nations founder. Most of the leading members of the Burning Blades were hunted down by highly paid bounty hunters from Xar Zanth, and discarded by the very entity that created them. The remnants joined together under the name of the Black Iron Company and have operated in the shadows of Pax Thallos ever since. 


Symbol: Three black shuriken on a field of crimson.


Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Black Iron Company is headquartered in the nation of Pax Thallos, more specifically in the city of Tel-Rink. The Black Iron Company has no front door, but everyone who’s anyone knows that a few coins passed from hand to hand can get the attention of an agent in short time.


The Black Iron Company has 3 goals; wealth, power and secrecy. They dream of little other than large payouts and their own wellbeing. Each agent works alone, yet each agent watches out for each other. And with this philosophy the members of the Black Iron Company have always survived. Black Iron Company agents never accept contracts against each other unless they desire the wrath of the guild or simply think they can get away with it.


Enemies: The Black Iron Company has many enemies. Chief among them is the government of Pax Thallos, more specifically the Temple of Dunes.


Members: Not surprisingly most members of the Black Iron Company are Rogues, however it is not uncommon for other martial classes to join its ranks. Spell casters are very rarely found within this organization.  

            Membership is often hard to obtain, and it usually involves taking on an assignment for a senior member with little to no compensation. However, once you are in you are in. Members that try to leave the Black Iron Company are often found floating on the Copper Sea in short time. 

            Each member has on hand at all times a signet ring displaying the symbol of the Black Iron Company, three shuriken in a triangle pattern, which they use to seal contracts with crimson wax. The symbol is well known in Pax Thallos and by seasoned travelers abroad.

Type: Assassin Guild


Affiliation Score Criteria: A member of the Black Iron Company must be cautious, daring, and self sustaining. Affiliation scores are available to any race or class but some will find it easier to advance than others. The Black Iron Company is restricted to non-good alignments. To become a member the character must approach a current member and ask for entry, this is usually cautiously handled and may entail several meetings and tests. It is not uncommon for an active member to seek out potential recruits or to approach one that may be discovered unintentionally.


Criterion: (One Time)

Affiliation Score Modifier

Character level

+1/2 character levels

Sneak attack or similar ability

+1/2 damage dice

Base attack +10 or higher


Has the stealthy feat


Has levels in rogue


Is small sized


Has 10 or more ranks in stealth


Has 15 or more ranks in stealth


Has been caught for a crime


Has a dexterity score of 16 or higher


Is a halfblood


Owns an assassin’s dagger


Has 5 or more ranks in acrobatics




Criterion: (Multiple Times)

Affiliation Score Modifier

Fails in an assigned mission

-4, per mission

Gets arrested for performing an illegal act

-10, per arrest

Succeeds on an assigned mission

+4, per mission

Aids another agent of the company

+1, per mission

Recruits a new member into the company

+1, per new member

Pays up to a shadow lord

+1, per 3,000 GP (Once per month)

Lack of payment to a shadow lord

-1, per month without payment

Loses their signet ring

-10, per loss


Titles, Benefits, and Duties: Although a rather fluid organization, members generally respect (but may not trust) other members of the Black Iron Company. Members of this organization are expected to pay the local shadow lord 25% of all contracts collected on each month, if a member is not paying up or is simply not obtaining contracts they will quickly find their status with the company deteriorating. Shadow lords are the local Black Iron Company leaders, each town or region has a specific shadow lord that operates in the area. When a new shadow lord is promoted they are assigned a new area for which they are expected to recruit and collect in. Any member of the Black Iron Company that has a signet ring can issue a kill contract, this is usually drawn up with the client and sealed with the agent’s signet ring then given to the local shadow lord to hold on to until it is fulfilled. A typical contract runs 1,000 GP per HD of the target. More prestigious targets may be more or less depending on the negotiations and the circumstances.


Affiliation Score

Title: Benefits and Duties

3 or lower

Unknown: not affiliated “officially”


Footpad: can buy or sell poisons within the company without fear of legal ramifications.


Shady: Access to Black Iron Company prestige classes. Once per day you may add a +5 luck bonus on any one dexterity based skill check, ability check or reflex save. You may add the bonus after the die is rolled, but before the result is announced.


Street Lord: Requisition of one potion (caster level 5 or less), scroll (caster level 5 or less) or dose of poison (valued under 200 gold) per month.


Under Lord: Assigned a gang of five level 3 rogues and one level 6 fighter.

30 or Higher

Shadow Lord: The Shadow Lord is awarded a region and is paid a 25% tithe on all contracts collected in this region. Is expected to settle contract disputes and be available to assist in contract collections. You are expected to provide protection to Iron Company members in your region.