The wild elven kingdom of Farleaf sits off the southwest coast of Tharstelding across the Clouded Sea. One of the smallest, oldest, and most isolated regions of the world these lands have remained unchanged for several millennia.


Farleaf measures approximately 120 miles across at its widest point, and 40 miles across at its center. The island garners its name from its odd shape, which from above somewhat resembles a leaf floating amidst the ocean. Eight smaller islands surround the mainland, mostly untamed and uninhabited.


The interior of Farleaf is choked in dense evergreen, mats of moss, hanging lichen, large pillow rocks, and crisscrossed with small streams fed by underground cisterns. The island teems with the constant cacophony of life.


Farleaf sports a cold temperate climate, with short summer seasons and long cold winters. The interior of the island is cloaked in constant fog that drifts inland from the Clouded Sea to the north. Windstorms and heavy rain are not uncommon throughout the region.


The capital of Farleaf, Valenstar, resides along the eastern coast within a massive grove of white leaf maple trees. The city is sacred to the island residents, and is the only location within the island where such trees grow.


People: Nearly all of the islands “civilized” population consists of wood elves and fey. Tribal in nature and wary of outsiders, the elves of Farleaf are quick to make visitors feel unwelcome in their sacred lands. With little in the way of settlements, most of Farleaf’s elven population is nomadic and in some tribes even cannibalistic, a fact that keeps most travelers and adventurers away. The tribes of these lands live in mobile villages that travel from one food source or hunting ground to another. Hide framed tents, hunting cabins and the occasional timber lodge make up most of the regions structures.


The elves of Farleaf often dress scantily, if they are dressed at all, in handmade garments designed to blend in with their forest environment. Facial and body paint are common, as is jewelry and trinkets made of wood, bone and stone. These are often weaved into long hair or hung around the neck. All tribal warriors of these lands perform ritual scarring for foes they have defeated in battle. These can be a great sign of strength and leadership within the Farleaf social circle. Female elves from these lands wear masks when in public, typically resembling an animal or tree. This custom is observed in honor of the bounty that Farleaf provides, and the nearly mystical mantra that women are the makers of life. Otherwise male and female standing is about equal in these lands.


Government and Alignment: (Tribal Kingdom: CE) Farleaf has been ruled by Khan Ectar Pendross for over 200 years. By far the most powerful and terrifying figure throughout the island, Ectar is a druid of great age and wisdom that tends the White Grove of Valenstar. While this title comes with no crown or great throne, the people of Farleaf know Ectar and either fear or respect his authority. The region has no written laws, only customs, traditions and the Khan’s word. Cannibalism and forced servitude are common and permitted in this kingdom. Entire tribes have been forced into slavery by the Khan or another powerful warlord, and more than a few unfortunate souls have been devoured in the process.


Major Settlements: Farleaf contains an unknown number of tribal elves and wild fey creatures, mostly dotted throughout the island in small mobile communities, making any attempts at a formal census impossible. However the region maintains one significant permanent city, the White Grove capital of Valenstar, the sacred home of Khan Ectar Pendross. Valenstar (Large City): Population: 17,821.


Religion: The residents of these lands have no desire to worship the Holy Five, or for that matter the less known gods of the Shattered Pantheon. Nature reigns for Farleaf’s spiritual leaders, with most of its members being druids or oracles. Holy sites are typically centered about natural wonders, such as the White Grove of Valenstar, the Bowl of Mist, the Archgate Stone or the Fire Vents of Eldar’dawn.


Conflicts: Being an isolated island kingdom the people of Farleaf have little conflict with those outside of their lands. However within their borders conflict is a daily resolution that pits tribe against tribe for the areas limited resources and best hunting grounds. The forests of these lands teem with powerful dire creatures, dangerous monsters, cunning fey and even the occasional green or silver dragon.


Economy: A wild land, Farleaf has no significant economy. Most of its residents fashion items that they require from raw product obtained from the forest around them. A trade and barter based system exists between the people of Valenstar, in which residents will commonly trade items directly for other items. No formal currency is present in these lands however small gems and rocks of exceptional quality harvested by hand from the island shores can sometimes be used as a makeshift currency.


Relationships: The isolated islanders of Farleaf have little interaction with the outside world. Nonetheless the Khan is well aware of the political climate in nearby Xar Zanth and the West Glade Confederate States. Bands of tribal mercenaries have left the island nation to join in the nearby war, being paid by the Archwizards of Candu in steel weapons and armor to assist them in their battle for independence. It is well known that the Khan of Farleaf harbors a deep seeded hatred for the Salt King of Brinemantle, who openly slanders the elven kingdom and has pressed the Republic senate at the Commons to forcefully annex these lands into the fold.