Conquered between 306 CM – 325 CM by Ser Temmeras Von Hildergrad “The Grey Helm”, first emperor of Tirmordane. Beginning with the fall of the city state of Tearvolan and the death of the Lich King Pertallas, located on the Western slopes of Calemil Mountains, and ending with the fall of Red Fold. In 489 CM the city of Belltros, capital of Oskerfelt, proclaimed its independence, and was brought back into the fold the same year as it awaited aid from nearby Republic soldiers from Xar Zanth.


These diverse lands are rich in natural resources, teeming with olive groves, vineyards and expensive herbs such as saffron, lavender, sage and rosemary. The topography of this area is mostly coastal hills, with badlands to the North and Grey Lake to the south, the continents 2nd largest body of fresh water. Temperate coastal climates lend to mild winters and summers, making this region one of the most densely populated of the modern empire.    




White Shore: So named due to its white sand shores that stretch from Hullcast Point to the mouth of the Skeld River. These lands begin to the North of the Red Fold Badlands and stretch Eastward to encompass the West half of the Fern Spire Forest. A kingdom rich in trade, resources and culture coupled with mild summers and winters makes White Shore one of the most prominent and populated kingdoms of Tirmordane. The capital city of Rivinport sits at the tip of Hullcast point, high above the shore built into a sheer cliff of natural limestone.


People: As a bustling port kingdom, White shore is home to countless races, chief among those are humans, sea elves, wood elves, thirvolans, reg’ostrans and candari. However most prime races can be spotted in any of the kingdoms busy port cities. The people of White Shore are primarily cosmopolitan, doing their best to maintain the trends of the more populated and civilized neighboring kingdoms of Arn and Kelterran. The typical human displays solid Mordanian traits, with darker hair and lightly tanned skin.


Government and Alignment: (Monarchy, LG) Ruled justly by king Orlas Leveris and queen Reychal Leveris these monarchs maintain rule from behind their coral crowns with a stern yet compassionate hand. The kingdom of White Shore is a land of laws and tradition, a firm caste noble system known as baln keeps serfs and knights alike in check, with each citizen knowing their place in the pecking order and rarely questioning their betters. Even among the lower caste of serfs, this system of rank and responsibility is present to assure that the chain of duty is unbroken. While outsiders may find their traditions strict and unfair, the local residents appear to enjoy the nature of baln and the advancement opportunity it presents.


Major Settlements: White Shore ranks 9th overall in regards to population based on permanent citizens, while the number of travelers and imported workmen seem countless. The largest cities of White Shore include the major sea port of Rivinport (Metropolis) Population: 31,899, the island fortress of Tiderock (Metropolis) Population: 29,670, the land of the olive lords Dervarn (Small City) Population: 5,856, the meadow city Iosis (Small City) Population 5,215 and the white walled city of Wavecrest (Large Town) Population 2,780.


Religion: While most residents pay homage to the Five, the largest temple of which is located in the capital of Rivinport, this area maintains more churches to the Shattered Pantheon then other densely populated kingdoms. Chief among those are the Pinnacle of Waves in Rivinport, whose clerics preach the word of Gilldronis and Lenarsiz the Dripping Prince and the Vane Halls in Tiderock that revere The Tenfold Wind, Xenis the Sky, Bardawn, Calladrop and Volstar the Torrent. An odd church can be found in Wavecrest known as the Tabernacle of Reflections, who will teach the mysterious gifts of Ologos to all who will see. Being a port kingdom it is not uncommon to run into any manner of cleric or soothsayer while visiting the docksides of any of White Shore’s various cities.


Conflicts: Piracy and raiding of the smaller villages along the shore as well as on established trade routes is by far the most irritating issue to the Leveris monarchy. This kingdom has no physical conflicts with its neighbors of Red Fold and Arn, most likely due to White Shore’s proximity to the imperial capital and its importance to the Greyhelm dynasty. Most of the real trouble this nation faces is in the form of non-militaristic trade wars and economic battles with Arn and Torkar for Avian Lord support and financing, these outweigh any physical threat White Shore could possibly face.


Economy: An economic powerhouse, White Shore ranks 5th overall within the empire based on income of imports and exports alone. In addition to its trade position along the Northwest shore, this kingdom produces several high end products in demand throughout all of Tharstelding. Including; olives, honey, saffron and some of the most highly desired wine in Tharstelding. Several of the empire’s Avian Lords have made vast fortunes dealing with White Shore’s agricultural products, a fact that has earned them the slanderous nickname Olive Lords from the Avian Lords of Arn and Kelterran.


Relationships: King Orlas is widely respected by his neighbors, his diplomats are carefully selected and present in most western kingdoms throughout the empire. The Avian Lords of Arn and Kelterran maintain good surface relations with the Olive Lords of White Shore and understand this regions significant role in the welfare of their own kingdoms. It is whispered that the imperial crown favors the kingdom of White Shore, as it always seems to side unerringly with its monarch in most inter kingdom disputes.






Oskerfelt: The residents of Oskerfelt dwell in the moments of a dark and prideful past, ever reminded of their rebellion long ago by the tattered ruins of the once great city Belltros. The kingdom of Oskerfelt is the smallest realm of Tirmordane, its borders extend roughly 100 miles North of the Grey Lake into the Red Fold Badlands and 100 miles East of the Eldross ocean to a massive tor named the Fang of Aezor. The lands of Oskerfelt once stretched hundreds of miles inland, however after its rebellion was quelled in 489 CM the Eastern half of the kingdom was annexed to Baskhold. In her late years, Queen Natravine De’Grell rules the shambles of these once proud people. With no natural heir, the future of her small kingdom is uncertain. Rumors have already begun to circulate that the imperial crown intends to gift the kingdom to Baskhold. Worse still are the seemingly permitted invasions that Oskerfelt has recently been left to deal with from Red Fold to the North. In all directions the kingdom of Oskerfelt is beset by many foes, and has far too few friends. The capital city of Malax rests in the shadowy ruins of its former capital, Beltros, along the shores of the Grey Lake.


People: The citizens of Oskerfelt are a proud and hardy folk. Appearing more Zanthion in complexion, with fair skin and light brown or red hair, they tend to be quiet and are often shunned or pitied outside of their shrinking borders. Humans comprise over 90% of the region’s population with the occasional Elf or Dwarf spotted in the larger settlements. Rebellious in nature, the region is famous for its band of outlaw heroes who call themselves the Archons of Belltros and hide within the decimated ruins of the kingdoms former capital.


Government and Alignment: (Monarchy, CG) Oskerfelt is ruled by Queen Natravine De’Grell and her counsel of knights known as the Riders of Dawn. In her twilight years, very few of her close advisors see Queen Natravine regularly, yet it always seems that when rumors begin to surface that perhaps the aged queen has passed away she makes a brief appearance. It is well known that her mental health has suffered tremendously over the last few years, and that recently she speaks of the ruined city Belltros as though it were still a thriving metropolis. In her current state, Knight Captain Ser Wear actually runs the country in its day to day operations as best he can.


Major Settlements: Oskerfelt ranks 17th overall in regards to population, second to last in the empire. The region maintains stagnant population growth as well as limited immigration. The largest cities of Oskerfelt include the city of graveyards, Malax (Large City) Population: 11,892, the lake city of Cold Crest (Small City) Population: 5,486, the fortress at the Fang of Aezol Kendal’s Forge (Small City) Population: 5,211, the fish wives town of Phlent (Large Town) Population 4,274 and the badlands frontier town of Dunger Gulch (Large Town) Population 3,661.


Belltros: (Ruins) In 489 CM Belltros was the 3rd largest city in all of Tharstelding, with a population of nearly 48,000. At that time they were a marvel of modern society, known across the land for their art, song, philosophy, and sky towers, some of which still stand today. Now, it is a pitted ruin. A group of organized rebels, the Archons of Belltros, have made these ruins their base of operation, from which they strike out against the “oppressive empire and its brainwashed army“.


Religion: The Five play a prominent role in the lives of most of the kingdom’s inhabitants. The largest House of the Five can be found in the capital city of Malax. Small shrines to the various fallen gods of the Shattered Pantheon also litter these lands, however their worship is scarce and their clergy few at best.


Conflicts: The kingdom of Oskerfelt has many enemies. Chief among those are the kingdoms of Baskhold and Red Fold to the East and North. Over the last few years, large scale war has been constant in the Northern region of the kingdom, with the armies of Oskerfelt gaining and losing ground to the Kingdom of Red Fold, who seems bent on claiming as much land as possible from Oskerfelt prior to its anticipated disillusion. Baskhold maintains constant patrols along the kingdoms Eastern border, but appears content to allow time to decide the kingdom’s fate. While the brigand heroes, the Archons of Belltros, proclaim to uphold the queen’s rule, they are quick to ambush any caravan passing by the ruins of Belltros displaying another faction’s arms.


Economy: Economically anemic, the kingdom of Oskerfelt is 17th overall in economic power. With most of its resources tied up in maintaining its armies and paying imperial tribute, the region has little left for economic growth. Coastal and lake fishing are the major resources of these lands, with its more fertile agricultural lands lost long ago to Baskhold. Recently, emeralds were discovered on the slopes of the Fang of Aezor, which has drawn even more attention from the Lords of Baskhold. The Avian Lords of Arn and Kelterran spend little time considering the development of Oskerfelt, they seem content to await the kingdom’s fate prior to engaging in trade agreements or investing large sums of money.


Relationships: It is well known that the imperial crown holds little love for the floundering kingdom of Oskerfelt. The realm is shunned by all but the most desperate of Avian Lords, and its conflicts with Red Fold, Baskhold and the Archons of Belltros seem to keep Knight Captain Ser Wear on the edge of his wits. However, Oskerfelt is not without allies. A trio of gold dragons, known locally as this Shinning Sisters, roosts in the nearby ruins of Belltros and have taken some affection in the queen during her waning years. They have promised to aid the city of Malax in its hour of need. In addition, the kingdom of Torkar has a longstanding non-aggression pact with Oskerfelt, and enjoys its dominant role of the Grey Lake and this region of the Eldross Ocean. Should Baskhold gain control of Oskerfelt, Torkar’s power in this market could substantially decline. Diplomats from Torkar are in constant contact with those of Oskerfelt and assure the Oskerfelt monarchy that should they require Torkar’s aid, they will have it.  






Red Fold: The kingdom of Red Fold begins at the mouth of the Skabvol Gorge to the North, extends along the coast of the Eldross Ocean to the South, and spills East to the edge of the Red Fold Badlands. This area has been heavily eroded by coastal winds and rainfall. The rugged terrain contains vivid colors of blue/black to red clay, hardy shrubs and stunted trees dot the landscape. The most notable feature of these lands is the massive Skabvol Gorge, an area extending from the Northwest to Southeast some 100 miles, splitting the kingdom in half. Unlike traditional canyons, the Skabvol does not appear to have been naturally formed by rivers or water runoff. Even stranger still is this areas dead magic trait, it is commonly known that within the Skabvol magical items cease to function, and spell casters lose their ability to cast. Scholars have been researching the Skabvol dead magic zone for over 100 years, and have yet to discover what makes this area devoid of magic. The capital city, Skabvol, is named after the gorge in which it resides, carved into the sheer face of the cliffs and spanning nearly 5 miles.


People: The people of Red Fold are commonly thought of as suspicious and aggressive throughout the empire. This is primarily due to the nation’s position of distrust for the science of alchemy and the use of magic. Mordanians from these lands tend to be tall and stout, chaotic in nature and independent, with broad hands and shoulders, but otherwise look typical for a Mordanian with olive skin and dark hair. Hill Dwarves, Badland Elves and Thirvolans are all common races within these lands.


Government and Alignment: (Monarchy, CN) Red Fold is governed by the eldest female of the Karkaran family, whom currently is Blood Queen Tyvanis Karkaran. A matriarch civilization, the Karkaran family has ruled Red Fold for nearly 300 years upon the Palatran Throne, so named after the first queen of Red Fold. In addition to House Karkaran several other powerful houses rule small fiefdoms within the kingdom of Red Fold, with each matron vying for power and position.


Major Settlements: Red Fold ranks 11th overall in regards to population, with its largest settlements located within the Skabvol Gorge or along the coast of the Eldross Ocean. The largest settlements within Red Fold include the cliff side city of Skabvol, the kingdoms capital (Metropolis) Population: 25,310, the red walled city of Blood Bay along the Eldross Ocean (Large City) Population: 15,770, the underground city of Schardawn (Small City) Population: 8,235, the industrial town of Stack Town (Large Town) Population 4,441 and the pirate port of Sande Pointe (Large Town) Population 3,105.


Religion: A highly superstitious people, organized religion is almost unheard of within Red Fold. A general distrust of magic and its outlaw within most major cities make clerics or other divine servants a rare sight. Instead, the people of these lands believe in a complex weave of superstitions and traditions known as The Ways. To outsiders the superstitions that these people practice can seem odd. Several examples of how one lives by The Ways includes entering homes backwards, only speaking to a woman when spoken to first, never wearing foot coverings in a kitchen, burning nut shells when a loved one is sick, planting coins in your garden every spring, singing only at night and various other odd behaviors.


Conflicts: An unabashedly militant people, the houses of Red Fold shuffle for position within the matron hierarchy in order to solidify their place in succession of the Palatran throne. This usually results in small scale skirmishes and subterfuge between the more powerful houses, sometimes in the open streets of Skabvol or another large city. Recently, with the ailing condition of the queen in Oskerfelt, the Southern matrons of Red Fold have begun invading the troubled kingdom to the South. In addition to the county’s internal conflicts, the nation is beset by tribal bands of goblins, orcs and sahuagin from the coastal lands. The occasional naga or den of werewolves are also not uncommon and require rooting out by the local matron.


Economy: Red Fold ranks 13th in economic power within the empire. Large deposits of cold iron and the production of a variety of bricks and ceramics are the region’s major exports. In addition, the area is well known for its red truffles, often called fire truffes. These mushrooms are a rare and exotic form of the more common black truffle and can be found growing in the recesses of the Skabvol Gorge near oak trees with the use of trained pigs.


Relationships: Red Fold is in open war with the kingdom of Oskerfelt, its recent incursions into their lands to the South has not only drawn the attention of Oskerfelt’s diminishing queen but has earned them the ire of the imperial crown to the East. Queen Tyvanis has been warned that if her Southern campaign should continue it may require imperial intervention. The kingdom of White Shore to the North and its covey of Avian Lords enjoy the economic trade agreements they hold with the Red Fold matrons, and otherwise turn a blind eye to the brutal and strange nature of this kingdoms people. 






Torkar: Encompassing most of the Carul Peninsula the kingdom of Torkar is bordered to the West by the Eldross Ocean, to the East and South by the Broken Crowns, and to the North by Grey Lake. High pressure cells off the Eldross coast provide these subtropical lands with warm to hot dry summers and mild to cool wet winters, making these exotic lands some of the most populated within the empire. Torkar was the first of the Western Kingdoms to bend the knee to the Greyhelm family in 306 CM after a short and bloody campaign in which the capital of Torkar was torn to the ground by both land and sea. Torkar has since rebuilt its capital, which shares the previous city’s as well as the kingdom’s name, around four massive stone piers that stretch and bend into the Eldross Ocean, known as the Seabreakers. These docks can house nearly one hundred sailing vessels at a time. The Seabreakers provide excellent shelter from the ocean for both the ships and the natural harbor.


People: Torkarians are a naturally hard working and savory folk, most of whom share a love or affinity with the sea. With one of the most distinct accents, it’s easy to spot a Torkarian abroad. Most outsiders who have met a Torkarian describe their way of speaking as “long worded and lazy tongued”. Torkarians are a tall and lightly red skinned folk, with green or blue eyes and brown to auburn hair. They are often seen wearing deep blue or green billowy clothing, with the occasional item of coral or shell jewelry or smoking a dried form of seaweed called Pullweed from long driftwood pipes. Ocean and aquatic elves, as well as hill dwarves are very common in these lands. Being a port kingdom most civilized races are accepted and given status within their lands if they abide by the law.


Government and Alignment: (Monarchy, LG) Torkar is ruled by King Vocrees Olvar, a young and ambitious Oceanic elf, along with his queen Isonisvex, an adult bronze dragon that usually maintains the form of a beautiful Oceanic elf. The royal family has produced numerous half dragon offspring throughout their reign of over 100 years, carefully placing their family members in key government positions, ensuring their dynasties longevity. The kingdom maintains an elite navy and group of oceanic elven knights known as the Tidal Spears. These commando style shock troops ride all manner of sea creatures, and are sworn to protect Torkars vital shipping lanes.


Major Settlements: Torkar ranks 8th overall in regards to population. Being a port nation, Torkar’s actual population waxes and wanes just as the tides of the Eldross Ocean on a daily basis. The largest cities of Torkar include the capital city, likewise named Torkar, also known as the pearl of the Eldross (Metropolis) Population: 31,685, the speckled three wall city of Shellside (Metropolis) Population: 25,010, the port town of Birchdock Bay on the Grey Lake shore (Large City) Population: 18,970, the impregnable keep at Tidefall (Large City) Population: 11,884 and Port Stemgrove, the city of flowers (Small City) Population: 7,647


Religion: The people of Torkar offer worship to a diverse range of gods. Including the Five, Lenarsiz, Bardawn, Xenis, Zelkar, Vellarious and Aireot, Calldarop, The Tenfold Wind, Daermonstrix, Volstar and Ologos. The largest house of Five is located in the capital Torkar, while a large outdoor coastal church dedicated to Gilldronis called the Last Reef can be found in Shellside.


Conflicts: With it well known that this kingdom is ruled by a powerful Oceanic elf and his Bronze Dragon queen, the kingdom of Torkar has few conflicts. Mostly this nation faces small scale threats from the occasional sea monster or band of pirates, but otherwise the residents of Torkar live in relative peace and harmony. Recently, Torkar has turned its gaze upon its ally, the floundering kingdom of Oskerfelt to the North. While it is touted that Torkar has no interest in occupation of its neighbor, they have begun silent preparation to help defend their ally from the neighboring kingdoms of Baskhold and Red Fold should the situation require.


Economy: Torkar benefits from its location in the Southwest corner of Tirmordane, being the first point of entry for goods imported by sea from its neighbor Xar Zanth, ranking 7th in overall economic resources among the Kingdoms of Tirmordane. In addition, goods from the Hillvales and the even the Interior Kingdoms find their way here for distribution abroad. Salt mines, coral jewelry, seafood and semi-precious stones are all major exports of this region. The Avian Lords of Arn and Kelterran have taken interest in the kingdom of Torkars favorable position, many of which have storehouses and merchant fleets in the larger cities.


Relationships: Torkar maintains good relations and military alliances with its neighbors of Oskerfelt and the Painted Hills, pledging its soldiers should they need to turn them against Baskhold or Candletop. Recent attempts at diplomacy have been made with Red Fold to stop the bloodshed at Oskerfelts Northern borders, however as of yet all of Torkars diplomatic incursions have met utter failure. Torkar maintains excellent relations with the imperial crown and most of the other distant kingdoms seem to regard the kingdom of Torkar with a level of respect.