Xar Zanth resides in the Southwestern section of Tharstelding. This secluded region was originally a thriving magocracy, its non-casting populace subservient and enslaved by the wizard ruling class of nobles. In 307 CM a powerful mage named Randal Resstin started a rebellion against High Mage Quinton, the head master of the nation’s ruling class. The guerilla war spills into the very streets of Dana, killing thousands. In 309 CM Randal Resstin’s rebellion overthrows High Mage Quinton, the remaining wizards that compile the ruling class scatter to the western corners of Xar Zanth in exile. Randal Resstin decrees that the lands of Xar Zanth will be ruled by the people, for the people, and the modern day republic is born.


The lands of Xar Zanth rest to the South of the Calemil Mountains and to the West of the Heman Dal Mountains around a low land bog surrounding the Bamblemoor. These lands are sodden, cold and unforgiving. Producing some of the most hardy and strong willed residents within the entire continent. Zanthian humans tend to be tall, stocky and fair of hair and skin. Sporting elaborate facial hair and wearing utilitarian clothing.


 Diamond Lake: The aged elven empire of Tir Missia (Diamond Vale) sank its homeland in -3500 CM to evade a terrifying airborne virus. Ever since, the elves of these lands have evolved into a thriving aquatic elf community. A longstanding enemy of the Xanthian magocracy, the aquatic elves of the Diamond Vale supported the rebellion led by Randal Resstin by raiding shipping lanes throughout the Diamond Lake. The elves of Diamond Lake joined the Xanthian Republic in 450 CM and currently hold 5 senatorial seats within the Commons.


The capital of Diamond Lake, Deep Felquist, sprawls within a deep ravine located near the center of the massive lake. The surface area of Diamond Lake spans some 9100 square miles, and serves as the border for this state.


Being an aquatic state, the temperate waters of Diamond Lake vary little more than 10 degrees year round. The populace, which is almost exclusively aquatic elves, lives on a fare of macro algae, fish and various other critters that are farmed beneath the waves.


People: A mysterious and alien people, the aquatic elves of Diamond Lake dress in chitin, pearls and woven aquatic fibers. The states isolated location awards little interaction with surface dwelling creatures, most of the regions inhabitants have never seen “air breathers”. Still, the occasional adventurer or other aquatic race is not uncommon within the various cities that lay scattered upon the lake floor.


Government and Alignment: (Governor: Senate, CG) Diamond Lake is administered by Governor Poulor Es’wel, a deeply respected aquatic elf serving his 3rd term. The region is allocated five senatorial seats at the Commons in Dana to vote in the senate.


Major Settlements: Diamond Lake ranks 6th overall within the Xar Zanth Republic in regards to population, most of its inhabitants live deep below the waves of Diamond Lake in secluded aquatic elven communities. The largest cities of Diamond Lake include the trench city of Deep Felquist (Large City) Population: 18,671, the fresh water reef of Brindlerock (Small City) Population: 9,244, the half-submerged shell walled town of Swellrise (Large Town) Population: 4,905, and the air filled domes of Kiddle (Large Town) Population 4,101.


Religion: An isolated region, Diamond Lake residents mainly pay homage to Gilldronis and Lenarsiz the Dripping Prince, with the largest of their temples located in Deep Felquist and Brindlerock. Ologos faithful maintain a large temple on the shores of Diamond Lake at Swellrise known as the Still Shores Shrine. The largest House of the Five can likewise be found at Swellrise.


Conflicts: Diamond Lake is a proud member of the Xar Zanth Republic, and as when they supported the regions rebellion for freedom they also support its efforts to preserve the union against the West Glade Confederate States. Patrols are launched from Deep Felquist along the Slogtongue Slough to guard against raids and escort merchant vessels to Slack Tide Bay. A shoal of powerful Aboleths rule a small territory in the Southwest corner of Diamond Lake around the ruins of a long abandoned elven city, these foul beasts call themselves the Lords of Slime and have gathered a massive following of savage aquatic creatures. The Qwensian Guard, Diamond Lake’s elite spies are on constant look out around the quarantined ruins.


Economy: Diamond Lake ranks 6th in the Republic for economic resources. Most of this region’s residents are craftsmen, making jewelry, scavenging ship wrecks and producing curious scrimshaw baubles that are highly sought after as folk art. Fish, fresh water pearls, coral, and deep platinum are the major exports of this state.


Relationships: The State of Diamond Lake maintains excellent relations with the rest of the Republic, being an isolated region its aquatic elf senators often abstain from votes that do not pertain to its wellbeing. The State of Diamond Lake remained part of the Xar Zanth Republic in 2304 CM, and has proudly joined the war against the West Glade Confederate States.


   Trideep: Trideep was the first state to join the union after the successful rebellion of 307 CM. The razzed wizard towers in Songshore, the state’s capital, have since been rebuilt and turned into public service buildings. The people of Trideep currently hold six senatorial seats in the Commons.


A cold and dry region, the lands of Trideep suffer from frigid winters and mild summers. Salt wind storms blow off the Bramblemoor and travel Northeast across these lands in the fall months as the land descends into its harsh and long winters. The area is cloaked in dense brush and stunted trees, low lying hills make up its northern territory as the land stretches into some of the most impressive peaks of the Calemil Mountains. The lower ¾ of this state is comprised of matted grasslands which bloom into impressive fields of purple, yellow, red and blue during the regions short spring months.


Trideep is bounded to the north by the Calemil Mountains, to the east by the Slogtongue Slough, to the west by a contested Kirkanvol and the Bramblemoor and to the south by the Southeast edge of the Bramblemoor.


People: The residents of Trideep are steeped in tradition and honor. A hardy and suspicious people, Tridians are known to be tight lipped around strangers. The occasional swamp elf, mountain elf or hill dwarf is not an uncommon sight within these lands. Tridians place an emphasis on personal security and a polite culture through display of strength, it is considered very rude to walk through its cities without displaying some sort of weapon. Another point of regional curiosity is its resident’s distain of introducing themselves. Privacy is paramount within these lands, and to tell someone your name upon meeting them is a sign that you do not care for your own personal privacy.


Government and Alignment: (Governor, Senate, LN) The lands of Trideep are administered by governor Paldis of House Tlen. The laws of these lands do not allow for a governor to serve for more than one term, however these terms last five years. Currently governor Paldis is serving his second year. The state is divided into three political parties, the reform party that supports the succession of the West Glade Confederate States, the traditionalists who adamantly oppose succession and currently hold power, and the sovereignists who think Trideep should be its own republic. These political parties are so entrenched in Trideep culture that active members display colors to show their affiliation, often resulting in public disturbance or open brawls. Reform members tend to wear orange, traditionalists tend to wear white and sovereignists are often seen wearing brown. Governor Paldis and his House Tlen belong to the traditionalist party. It is worth noting that a member of House Tlen has been in power for over twenty years as the traditionalists hold the most votes within Trideep. In addition, Trideep is allocated 6 senatorial seats at the Commons in Dana to represent the state’s interests.


Major Settlements: Trideep ranks 4th overall within the Republic in regards to population. Most of its inhabitants live in Songshore on the coastal shores of Diamond Lake or along the slow moving Slogtongue Slough. The largest cities of Trideep include the tower ridden streets of Songshore (Metropolis) Population: 30,285, the perfumed city of Astenfar (Large City) Population: 18,022, the isolated mountain fortress of Fenfold (Small City) Population: 8,225, and mud domed city of Kelkhold (Small City) Population 7,292.


Religion: A civilized and highly political people the common Tridian has little time for organized religion. Nonetheless a large House of the Five can be found in Songshore. A temple dedicated to The Stain dominates the husk of a long abandoned beehive in Astenfar. Finally, a granite shrine of unknown origins dedicated to Ser Deckmontaris rests under the mud dome of Kelkhold.


Conflicts: Trideep is currently under invasion from Kirkanvol to the west. Its invaders have secured several small settlements and advanced over twenty miles inland. A massive host of over five thousand confederate soldiers are currently entrenched just northeast of the Bramblemoor. In response, a republic army of over eight thousand soldiers has been dispatched from Songshore to root out the incursion. Trideep is a member of the Republic of Xar Zanth, and has endured multiple wars with its neighbor Kirkanvol over the previous few years. Outside of its domestic squabbles, the governor of Trideep is well aware of its militant neighbors to the North, mainly the undead kingdom of Candletop and the savage rulers of The Fanglands.


Economy: Trideep ranks 3rd within the Republic for economic resources. Its strategic location along Slogtongue Slough makes it a thriving trade route throughout the Southwest of Tharstelding. Furthermore its fertile fields to the Northeast of the Bramblemoor are rich for cultivation of corn, wheat, barley, flowers and rice. Its numerous mining towns along the slopes of the Calemil Mountains produce finished iron, brass and copper products that are highly desired throughout the realm. Recent war with Kirkanvol has slowed the production of this state, placing substantial pressure on the senate in Dana for protection and supplies.


Relationships: Trideep maintains good relations with the other members of the republic. However its recent invasion by Kirkanvol from the west has placed tremendous strain on its populace’s patience. Several of Trideep’s more affluent citizens, including leading members of the reform and sovereignist parties have begun protesting the state’s position. While the state remains a solid member of the republic, it teeters on the edge of inter rebellion.


  Rindark: Rindark is by far the largest state within the Republic, encompassing nearly one half of the regions total area. The people of Rindark joined the Republic in 309 CM shortly after its populace successfully overthrew the ruling council of archwizards and after a heated debate as to if Rindark should become its own city state.


The capital of Rindark, Birch Gate, rests on a large and level plateau in the Southeast section of the state. Its white wooden walls shaped like an arrowhead to the Northeast to reflect the majority of the harsh winds that blow off the Heman Dal.


The Trueblades house their headquarters in Birchgate, a band of elite spies and aristocrats bent on the ideals of democracy and freedom. Their charter is funded by the state government and they are charged with the responsibility to protect the Republic from the unnatural arcane arts that led to its sovereignty. Naturally the Trueblades have been instrumental in the Republic’s defense during the recent rebellion of the West Glade Confederate States, acting as covert agents and infiltrating enemy war camps along the Slogtongue Slough.


Rindark is a cold and barren region. Its eastern half spreads along the slopes of the Heman Dal Mountains and is covered in snow more often than not. Its western half is comprised of low rolling hills and tepid grasslands. Cold hard winds sweep south by southwest through the state, which has influenced the regions architecture and culture. Houses and buildings are often constructed with slate shingle roofing shaped in points or spears to reflect the wind, making the various towns and cities appear like scattered arrowheads along the floor. Violent lightning, rain and seismic activity are all common within these lands. Summers are notoriously mild, and rarely see temperatures above 70 degrees.


Rindark is bounded by the Heman Dal Mountains to the East, the lands of Soddenmark and the Salt Mire to the South, the Slogtongue Slough to the West and the Diamond Lake to the North.


People: Rindark houses a high population of nomadic plains elves, mountain elves and dwarves are also not uncommon. Racism is rare however arcane casters are often made to be felt unwelcome, or in some extreme cases hunted by the Trueblades. Human Rindians commonly dress in oiled leather trench coats and slick wide brim hats, blonde to red hair and light eyes are common within this region. Homes are often decorated with wind chimes, affixed colorful kites or lightning rods. While the occasional resident is struck down by lightning (called boltlight in this region) the installed lightning rods on most homes are thought of as a safety net against the fury of the sky. Some of the regions more prosperous residents have installed elaborate lightning fences above their homes, and maintain items within their estates that trap the boltlight’s power into lamps, glow stones or artwork.


Government and Alignment: (Representatives, Senate, NG) Rindark is governed by a house of representatives, comprised of forty members elected from each of its sixteen districts. The Pillared Hall of Kelistyne is the house of local government and resides at the state’s capital in Birchgate. Two major parties represent the bulk of the Kelistyne Council. The Statesworn (whom currently hold 28 seats) and support stronger state independence and the Uniteists whom favor the involvement of the Republic and other states in Rindarkian affairs. In addition, Rindark sends 7 senators to the Commons in Dana to represent the state’s interests.


Major Settlements: Rindark ranks 2nd overall within Xar Zanth in regards to population, due mainly to its immense size, most of its inhabitants live along the slopes of the Heman Dal Mountains, or along the trudging waters of the Slogtongue Slough. The largest cities of Rindark include the white walled city of Birch Gate (Metropolis) Population: 42,235, the windswept city of kites Fastfold (Metropolis) Population: 26,130, the lightning fenced citadel of Kayder Rock (Large City) Population: 18,399, and the city of stained glass, Melsfold (Small City) Population: 8,824.


Religion: Rindians are a democratic and logical people. As such few have time for organized religion. Most of the lands common folk have never been to a House of the Holy Five, and fewer still have heard of the Shattered Pantheon. Nonetheless a few scattered temples can be found in most major cities, with the largest House of the Five located in Fastfold due to its northern location and proximity to Slogtongue Slough.


Conflicts: Rindark is a loyal member of the Republic, and fully participates in the civil war with the West Glade Confederate States. The militias of Rindark are crucial in holding the advance of confederate soldiers to the west bank of the Slogtonge Slough, and its seasoned agents from the Trueblades have been indispensable in the gathering of intelligence for the rulers of Xar Zanth. In addition, the region is plagued by manticores, rogue air elementals and storm giants from the Heman Dal. While none of its larger settlements have been attacked as of yet, several of its outlying communities have been obliterated by an organized army of storm giants that march under a black bolt banner for a giant king named Fellistus that wears the Tempest Crown.


Economy: Rindark ranks 5th within the Republic for economic resources. Its barren soil and wild weather is poor for cultivation of all but the heartiest of crops, mainly root vegetables and bush born fruits. The region benefits from a rare resource called glow stones, these curious crystalline rocks produce high levels of light and heat for an extended duration when charged with electricity. In addition, copper, tin and other semiprecious metals are in abundant supply within the low lying slopes to the east of Rindark.


Relationships: The government of Rindark has long lasting and deep relations with its neighbors, including distrust for the merchant viziers of Soddenmark, hatred for the violent revolutionists of Digmar, admiration for the steadfastness of Diamond Lake and pity for the turbulent people of Trideep. Rindark senators hold the second highest number of seats in the Commons, and are often beseeched by smaller states to sign onto petitions that they bring to the floor.


  Soddenmark: The rock strewn lands of Soddenmark stretch out between the Salt Mire and Slack Tide Bay, along a large peninsula called the Hag’s Tooth due to its curved and pointed topography. The people of Soddenmark were never ruled by a Magocracy, these lands have been governed since before Xar Zanth became a republic by an elected body of merchant representatives collectively known as the Azure Consortium. Every ten years the business owners of Soddenmark vote to appoint five new members to the Consortium who serve life terms. Currently the Azure Consortium consists of 34 merchants, eldest of which is Mikael Cendari at 86 years of age. Under Soddenmark law only humans are allowed to gain membership into the Consortium, as the inclusion of elder races would only increase the number of members and could lead to significant power changes over the ages. Soddenmark was the last state to enter into the Republic on 1745 CM by vote of the Azure Consortium. The decision at the time was fiercely debated and influenced by a myriad of factors, including the loss of several merchant vessels along trade routes to Kal and the inability to protect itself from the budding kingdom of Castros to the East.


A temperate and windy region, the lands of Soddenmark accumulate a modest level of rainfall each year. Lightly treed, rocky and mostly flat, these lands are bounded by the Salt Mire to the East, the Slack Tide Bay to the West, the coast of the Southern Reach to the South and the end of the Slogtongue Slough to the North. Soddenmark enjoys mild winters, warm summers and wet spring/fall seasons. Large shells lay scattered about the states long shores and can even be found several dozen miles inland, which has led some scholars to claim these lands were once under the waves of the Southern Reach in ages past, and might be returned to a watery grave in the future. The capital of Theen is located near the center of the small state along a major trade route and a large harbor to its east.


People: Residents of these lands tend to have squat noses and thin lips, giving them an almost frog like appearance. Social status and net wealth is highly regarded in this region, if one wishes to be appointed to the Azure Consortium. As such the populace tends to overdress in lavish jewelry and keep up with ever changing fashion trends. Being a port and coastal region most races are represented within Soddenmark’s borders, with high populations of Thirvolans, Aquatic Elves and even an uncommon high number of Halfbloods. The local demeanor is accepting and calculating, with permanent citizens often sizing up peoples pocketbooks to see if they can have a significant influence on their position within the social hierarchy.


Government and Alignment: (Azure Consortium: Senate, N) The state of Soddenmark is ruled by an elected body of merchants known as the Azure Consortium (see above) from its council chambers, the Eltroxian Heights, in Theen. These statesmen handle the civil affairs of Soddenmark and administer laws that govern its populace. By rule, consortium members are not supposed to vote on edicts that relate to their industry, however so many of its people are entrenched in a myriad of businesses that this law is often overlooked unless the voting member has substantial holdings in the matter at hand. The people of Soddenmark also send 6 members to attend the senate in Dana, elected by the populace.


Major Settlements: Soddenmark ranks 3rd overall within the Republic in regards to population, most of its inhabitants live along the shorelines of either the Salt Mire or the Slack Tide Bay. The largest cities of Soddenmark include the city of scales, Theen (Metropolis) Population: 50,111, the shell strewn streets of Archendus (Large City) Population: 18,994, the multi colored floating Thirvolan city of Driftdocks (Large City) Population: 18,105 and the bustling whaler port of Lews (Large Town) Population 5,269.


Religion: The people of Soddenmark mainly pay homage to the Holy Five, with the largest church being located in the state’s capital, Theen. A large temple to Ger Gar can be found floating among the floating city of Driftdocks. Smaller temples, dedicated to the Shattered Pantheon are not uncommon in most cities. In addition, the people of Lews have taken to worshiping a mammoth sea serpent of extreme cunning known locally as the Slithering Lord. Offshore the residents have constructed a large altar, where cattle and criminals are often chained before whaling expeditions as an offering to the great beast that lives within the Salt Mire.


Conflicts: The Azure Consortium’s most problematic enemy is itself. Often these merchant statesmen squabble over shipping rights and taxes, its members constantly shuffling for positions of power within the groups varied comities. Piracy and bandits, endorsed by the West Glade Confederate States through writs of privateering, likewise haunt the many trade lanes throughout the state. The region is otherwise a predominantly peaceful state, isolated from the civil war to the North and West. However should Rindark’s southern garrison fall, the people of Soddenmark would find themselves in danger of Digmar invasion.


Economy: Soddenmark ranks 2nd in the Republic for economic resources. Its proximity to sea trade lanes makes it a major importer and exporter for the rest of Xar Zanth. Rich in exotic pearls, including highly sought after stone grapes, an elusive purple pearl the size of a small egg. In addition the whalers of Lews produce a large volume of whale meat and blubber, which is rendered into whale oil. Other notable products include finished ships, rope, blue saffron and a plethora of semi-precious stones harvested from the nearby Chittercap Mountains, including; carnelian, riolite, malachite and jasper stones.  


Relationships: Within the Eltroxian Heights the members of the ruling Azure Consortium have had longstanding alliances and feuds. The marbled halls are wrapped in a constant buzz of politics and business. These merchant statesmen have long kept their beaks out of the affairs of other states, focusing primarily on Soddenmark and personal gain. However the senators appointed to the House of Commons in Dana typically strive to accomplish more for the Republic as a whole, as they are not part of the merchant aristocracy. Senators from Soddenmark are often level headed, but are highly lobbied due to their number of votes (6). Sometimes these senators are even lobbied by members of the Azure Consortium, when a house bill may have a significant impact on their financial state back home. The treaty of 1895 ceased hostilities between Soddenmark and Brinemantle, after a failed attempt by the later to occupy Soddenmark territory near the southern end of the Hag’s Tooth. These two states, although distrustful of each other, currently live in relative harmony.



  Brinemantle Common Wealth: The island nation of Brinemantle is a protectorate of the Republic of Xar Zanth. Their formal agreement, which was ratified by a treaty in 1895 CM, was forced upon them after a failed attempt by Brinemantle raiders to occupy the southern end of Soddenmark. While technically a sovereign state, Brinemantle is under military “supervision” by a garrison of Knights of Dana under the command of Knight Valiant Ser Oxidus Len’War stationed at Fort Shelldeep just outside of the capital city Brill Wash.


In 1891 the crowded islanders of Brinemantle launched several hundred warships in an attempt to secure lands on the tip of the Hags Tooth for expansion. This incursion was met with fierce resistance from Soddenmark militias as well as federal armies from the capital of Xar Zanth. Records tell of the surrounding waters being stained red for several months as the beachheads were littered with bodies from both armies. Wreckage from Brinemantles devastated fleet can still be seen this day in isolated pockets, and occasionally washes inland after one of the regions many storms.


Shortly after its failed invasion, the last ruling Salt King of Brinemantle, Jarls Crust, was faced with a difficult decision. Sign a treaty to become a protectorate of the Republic, or face invasion by an overwhelming force. In 1895 the treaty was signed, the Crust family retained its hereditary title as a traditional office, however the document forced the island nation into adopting a form of democratic rule and established a place for Brinemantle within the House of Commons in Dana.


The island of Brinemantle is bounded in all directions by its shoreline. The capital, Brill Wash, sits on the islands northern shores at the mouth of a natural cove. Its sandstone buildings built into the surrounding cliffs to shelter them from the relentless winds that sweep through the straight between Brinemantle and the Hags Tooth, known locally as the Galetide Straights. The interior of the nation benefits from the islands volcanic activity and a series of cliff walls that break the winds and create a pocket of alternating high and low pressure zones. Brinemantle receives more sunlight than the nearby mainland during summer months, and a steady by tolerable level of rain the rest of the year. The tidal movements around Brinemantle can be extreme during these warm months, with the area having three or more high and low tides each day, making sailing a dangerous and unpredictable prospect. The water level around the island has been known to recede over a mile from shore, revealing strange stone architecture from a civilization long destroyed, a point that draws many treasure hunters and glory seekers to this region.


People: The residents of Brinemantle commonly sport long facial hair and short cropped or shaved heads. Brown and green eyes are common as is fair to lightly tan skin. Thirvolans are common in these lands, Reg’Ostrans are likewise not unheard of in Brill Wash due to the warmer than normal summers and rarely freezing winters. Oceanic and aquatic elves frequent this region, with hill and mountain dwarves almost myth. People of Brinemantle tend to sport long tunics, loose pants and hooded bog coats to fend of the rain.


Government and Alignment: (Vassal State: NE) Brinemantle is governed by a cabinet of ministers elected to their positions via popular vote. The region also maintains a royal family descended from the last Salt King as a traditional office. The Salt King may appoint a Viceroy to oversee the cabinet and act as the executive officer of the government in the king’s name. The current Viceroy, Lord Calibros Endor, has served the reigning Salt King for over 10 years. The current king, Salt King Alexiom Crust, has held the Tide Crown for nearly 30 years and is well respected by the elected body of the cabinet. In addition, the state of Brinemantle is awarded 5 seats at the Commons in Dana for its senators.


Major Settlements: Brinemantle ranks 5th overall within the Republic in regards to population, most of its inhabitants live along the coast or in pockets around the interior of the island near volcanic hot spots. The largest cities of Brinemantle include the sandstone cliffs of Brill Wash (Large City) Population: 18,210, the republic fort of Shelldeep (Small City) Population: 7,555, the volcanic hill town of Cinderbridge (Small City) Population: 7,442, and the alchemical colleges of Tendur (Small City) Population: 6,083.


Religion: The people of Brinemantle worship a wide array of deities and spirits. A large temple dedicated to Ravis, The Onyx Spire, can be found in Cinderbridge. The largest House of the Five is located in Brill Wash. Temples to Infernis, Mire and the Tenfold Wind, are very common in most major settlements. The Garden of Fire, a massive volcanic druid grove, is located just outside of Cinderbridge, tended by a circle of druids known as the Embers of Dawn. It’s whispered that Randarous the Void has a large following within these lands. However the location of her temple (if any) is unknown to the common folk.


Conflicts: The people of Brinemantle have long ago rid their land of all but the most powerful of creatures. The region sports a high population of domesticated and wild dinosaurs that sometimes cause problems in the countryside. Stirge populations and large insects are common along the coastlines and have been blamed for many a missing traveler over the years.


Economy: Brinemantle ranks 4th within the Republic for economic resources. Its various cities produce a high volume of finished steel and rare crimson solder. Other notable exports include finished glassware, obsidian, quartz, stone and seafood.


Relationships: A dark past hangs over the Galetide Straights between Brinemantle and Soddenmark. The people of these two lands generally regard each other with distain and loathing. In the Commons, the senators of these two states are constantly at odds on matters small and large. The people of Brinemantle are proud and stubborn, often willing to lose arguments outright instead of admitting when they are wrong. The Salt King openly slanders the Khan of Far Leaf, Ectar Pendross. And it is said that only the Republic garrison at Shelldeep keeps these two island nations from open war.