The West Glade Confederate States originally comprised the western half of the Republic of Xar Zanth. In 2304 CM this region declared its independence from the Republic following the execution of Kenbril Lentar and a coup carried out by the Archwizard’s of Candu against the region’s elected leaders and appointed senators.


A brief timeline of the West Glade Rebellion:


2295-2303 CM: A political advocate named Kenbril Lentar gathers an extensive following. Over the years his fame grows throughout the Republic as a supporter for succession and the reinstitution of the regions magocracy. His position claims that in order for Xar Zanth to maintain its rightful place as a world power it must embrace magic and not discourage its use. He proclaims that through magic driven technology and the wisdom of such casters that the region will grow to become the most powerful nation ever known. The political party Kenbril starts known as The Arcanists, quickly becomes the most powerful and popular organization within the republic governed West Glade States.


2303 CM: At the height of Kenbril’s popularity, High General of Dana Ser Byrick Silverbeard secretly orders the arrest of Kenbril Lentar and several other high priority targets of the Arcanist party. Trueblade agents are dispatched to Candu City to apprehend the political targets stealthily. In a failed infiltration of the Arcanist headquarters several Trueblade agents are captured or killed. Kenbril Lentar and several other Arcanists are assassinated in the failed extraction attempt. Interrogation of the captured Trueblade agents quickly reveals the High General’s orders, which the Arcanist party makes public. Tens of thousands mourn the loss of the popular Kenbril Lentar during his public funeral in Candu City.


2303-2304 CM: In the wake of the assassination of Kenbril Lentar the Arcanist party expands in popular opinion. The Archwizards of Candu seize the moment and incite the people to overthrow the republican form of government and adopt the old ways of magocracy rule, promising justice and freedom to the people. An uprising ensues throughout the West Glade States. By the end of 2304 CM the Archwizards have firm control over East Candu, West Candu, Digmar and Kirkanvol. A formal decree of independence is presented to the people and the Republic of Xar Zanth, establishing the West Glade States as an independent magocracy.


2304 CM-Current Day: Republic soldiers are dispatched to retake the Western States and are met with heavy resistance from confederate militias supported by Arcanist War Wizards. Civil war consumes the region near Slogtongue Slough and the east Bramblemoor.


The West Glade Confederate States encompass the western half of the Republic of Xar Zanth. Their borders are widely contested to the east, but are commonly referred to as the Calemil Mountains to the north, a region near Slogtongue Slough to the east, the Clouded Sea to the South and the Eldross Ocean to the west.


A significantly advanced nation, the West Glade States have had a recent explosion of technological advances spurred on by the Arcanist Party’s mantra of “better living through wizardry”. These astounding breakthroughs have only recently been slowed by a costly civil war for independence in the east with its former parent nation, the Republic of Xar Zanth.



Digmar: The eastern most state within the West Glades, Digmar is the forefront of conflict between Xar Zanth and the confederacy. Its eastern border is lined with confederate soldiers making their advance into Rindark. The people of these lands were fervent supporters of the late Kenbril Lentar. After his assassination in 2303 CM they were quick to join the rebellion led by the Archwizards of Candu and their Arcanist supporters.


A temperate coastal climate surrounds most of Digmar’s shoreline, with low lying fog and light rain common most mornings. Further inland the county is plagued by stagnant swamp air around the vast Bramblemoor, causing deep cold winters and unbearably hot summers.


The state’s capital, Port Idle, rests along the shore northwest of Slack Tide Bay. The areas stagnant air constantly coats the stone walls and piers of this busy port city in a thick layer of salt. The seat of government, The 1st Hall, sits on a low rise hill at the center of the city.


Digmar’s boundaries are in a constant state of flux, as its military advancement into the east waxes and wanes. With its current holdings Digmar is bounded by the Bramblemoor to the north, Slack Tide Bay to the south, Port Wenlock to the west and the recently captured city of Cribus to the east.


People: A hard and militant folk, steeped in traditions of honor and courage. Digmen tend to dress in utilitarian and functional clothing, tall in stature and dark of hair and eyes. Most men of this culture wear an ornamented sash that displays their deeds and status within Digmar culture, such as marital status and occupation. Digmen women traditionally adorn their flesh with vivid tattoos, indicating their passions, personality and blood line. These lands maintain a high population of swamp elves from the nearby Bramblemoor, with many of its cities housing small pocket communities.


Government and Alignment: (Magocracy: Archwizard of the 2nd Dhan Clavis Thornhold, LN) Digmar is governed by Clavis Thornhold, a ranking Archwizard of the 2nd Dhan. A native of Candu, Clavis was appointed regent of these lands shortly after the Digmen revolted against the late governor Ecdul Windlass and hung his mutilated corpse from the rafters of the 1st Hall in Port Idle. In addition to Arcanist control the state government is strongly influenced by the Denizens of Moor, a militia based deep within the Bramblemoor that has strong connections with the Myriad of the Mirror.


Major Settlements: Digmar ranks last within the West Glade States in regards to total population, most of its inhabitants live along the coast of Slack Tide Bay or in deep villages throughout the Bramblemoor. The largest cities of Digmar include the bustling salt crusted Port Idle (Large City) Population: 19,421, the recently captured delta city of Cribus (Metropolis) Population: 39,661, the deep swamp town Witchlight (Large Town) Population: 3,986 and the Denizens of Moor’s castle town of Driftrock (Large Town) Population 4,335.


Religion: A deeply religious people, Digmen are well known to pay homage to the Holy Five. The largest church can be found in the state’s capital. The Blazon Spear, a temple dedicated to war and Radiance, dominates the skyline in the militant town of Driftrock. Crustcracked Hull, a sunken church devoted to Gilldronis and the sea, is wedged in the Cribus Delta. Lastly, a coven of swamp elf druids called the Blue Leaves are known to inhabit the deep reaches of the Bramblemoor.


Conflicts: Digmar is a land steeped in war. Its eastern border near the Slogtongue Slough is a constant battleground consisting of Republic and Confederate soldiers. Lacking a significant navy, the coastal cities of Port Idle and Cribus are currently under blockade by Zanthian warships. Within the Bramblemoor terrors lurk unchecked. Hags, will-o-wisps, troglodytes, lizard men, oozes, slimes and foul plants run rampant. It is also rumored that at the heart of the fetid swamp a great black dragon named Ixtinvos lairs within the ruins of an old and nameless citadel.


Economy: Digmar ranks 2nd within the confederacy in regards to total economic power. However the recent blockade on its major ports has put tremendous strain on the state’s economy. The region’s major exports include finished hemp textiles, candles, cattle, grains, salt and soap.


Relationships: The government of Digmar maintains excellent relations with its fellow confederate states. The people of these lands hold a high level of distrust for outsiders.


  East Candu: The central lands of East Candu stretch from the wild Tachlock Hills in the north to the mist shrouded Clouded Sea in the south, from the densely populated lands of West Candu to the deep stagnant swamplands of the Bramblemoor in the east. The largest and most populated region within the confederacy, East Candu was the second state to withdraw from the republic after the assassination of Kenbril Lentar in 2303 CM. The capital city of Port Wenlock sits across a narrow bay from Digmar. Its large sloped sandstone walls carved in a myriad of aquatic murals.


A diverse and wet climate, the coastal regions are constantly cloaked in fog due to their proximity to the Clouded Sea. The interior lands are wet and stagnant near the Bramblemoor, heavy snowfall cakes this area during cold winter months creating a hostile icy mush land. To the north, in the Tachlock Hills, dry winds race across countless stubby slopes. Short and violent lightning storms plague the northlands during fall and spring months as the weather changes. This lightly forested and sparsely populated region houses the ruins of several forgotten cities, making it one of the most popular adventuring areas within the confederacy.


People: The people of East Candu share many cultural traditions with those of West Candu. Bright colors and loose clothing are popular among the locals. A hard working and industrious folk, many of this land’s residents spend the day minding their own business and going about their daily duties with little thought about the war for independence raging in Digmar or Kirkanvol to the east.


Government and Alignment: (Magocracy: Archwizard of the 2nd Dhan Narnis Fendell, LE): East Candu is governed by the Arcanist Party and Archwizard Narnis Fendell, a man in his middle years known to be a strict enforcer of magocracy rule. Those who do not belong to the Arcanist party are not allowed to vote on matters of state, furthermore those who cannot demonstrate the ability to cast arcane spells are considered second class citizens and are often the butt of jokes and ridicule from the state’s ruling body. Papers are issued to each citizen citing their casting ability, profession, age, place of residence and so forth. Those without papers often find they have little to no rights within East Candu’s borders. In addition to the rule of Narnis Fendell the voting citizens elect seven Archwizards to serve on a privy council chartered to advise the head Archwizard on matters of state. These seven are typically referred to as the Prismatic Seal. Each member carries a seal in one of seven colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. A vote by all seven members can veto laws placed into effect by the ruling Archwizard, however this check and balance system has never been played out in East Candu’s young tenure.


Major Settlements: East Candu is the most densely populated state within the confederacy. The majority of its population lives along the coast of the Clouded Sea to the south, or in the countless small hamlets and villages throughout the Tachlock Hills or the Bramblemoor. The largest cities of East Candu include the brown carved sandstone walls of Port Wenlock (Metropolis) Population: 37,145, the three ringed port of Waybury (Metropolis) Population: 48,589, the floating swamp city of Blackvine (Large City) Population: 19,888 and the hill top tower city of Northspire (Large City) Population: 17,290.


Religion: An alien environment for outsiders seeking a place to worship, divine casting granted by gods has been outlawed throughout East Candu. As a result, churches dedicated to the Holy Five or the Shattered Pantheon are almost non-existent. Some small churches and shrines lay scattered throughout the state, hidden in basements or secluded in the wild frontier lands. These small operations are quickly rooted out and dissolved by the Grand Inquisitors of Archwizard Narnis Fendell. Those that draw divine power from natural sources, such as druids, are allowed to practice their art under the close observation of government officials, as a result druidic groves tend to have a large presence in most cities. The largest of such is the Orchard of Eyes located in the heart of Waybury or the Thornglade in Blackvine.


Conflicts: East Candu fervently supports the West Glade states during its civil war with the Republic in nearby Digmar and Kirkanvol. Providing a safe harbor from which food, supplies and fresh soldiers can enter the battle. Across a narrow bay the city of Port Idle is under Republic blockade, making Port Wenlock a crucial port for the war effort. Most of the West Glade’s inferior naval units are stationed in this region to protect Port Wenlock from nearby Republic warships.


To the north in the Tachlock Hills, roving bands of ettin, ogres and orcs constantly plague the settlers and border towns. In addition, crag and ice linnorms have been spotted through these lands, drawing more than a few would be treasure or glory seekers to an unfortunate end.


Economy: East Candu ranks 3rd within the confederacy in regards to economic power. However its economy is the fastest growing within the West Glade due to the recent discovery of rare metal deposits in the Tachlock Hills. Textiles, dyes, rice, wild horses and beef are currently the region’s major exports. To the north in the Tachlock Hills deposits of cold iron, copper and tin have recently been discovered, drawing mining experts to the region and greatly increasing East Candu’s economy.


Relationships: As to be expected, East Candu maintains excellent relations with the three other confederate states, and poor relations with the Republic states to the east. The interior state holds little consideration for Far Leaf or Brill Wash off the coast, and for the most part strives to maintain an isolated and introverted culture.


    Kirkanvol: The frigid state of Kirkanvol was the last to join the confederacy late in 2304 CM. While not as fervently dedicated to magocracy principles and Arcanist rule, this region succeeded from the Republic due to cultural differences between its traditional Thane noble class and its distrust for Zanthian influence.


Kirkanvol’s capital, Frostforge, is rooted at the feet of the Calemil Mountains. The city is covered by a massive stone dome enchanted to maintain internal temperatures and simulate day and night lighting. The lands outside Frostforge are harsh, cold and unforgiving, making the sheltered city an oasis for the state’s residents.


The northern half of Kirkanvol is covered by a carpet of snow in all but the summer months. Summers are short and wet across this region. These lands suffer from some of the most extreme winters throughout Tharstelding, as a result most homes, towns and cities are built around one or several of the area’s many thermal vents.


Kirkanvol is bounded by the Calemil Mountains to the north, the Bramblemoor to the south, the Tachlock hills to the west and is currently engaged in a border changing war to the east with Republic entrenched soldiers about 50 miles from Frostforge.


People: An outspoken and often brutish culture stemming from an isolated state steeped in tribal traditions, Kirkanvol people come from a harsh and unforgiving land. Its residents typically wear heavy clothing and furs, amber and iron jewelry. Males and females sport long hair, with males often maintaining ornate facial hair. Humans dominate the majority of this lands residents, a respectable population of hill dwarves and mountain elves/dwarves can also be found in most major cities. An underground highway connects Frostforge to the dwarven fortress of Dull’marr deep under the Calemil Mountains.


Government and Alignment:  (Magocracy: Archwizard of the 2nd Dhan Darcus son of Kell, CN): Kirkanvol is controlled by Archwizard Darcus son of Kell, a divination wizard of extreme age and wisdom. Darcus is also a Thane of the Flayed Sons, one of the oldest and most powerful noble families of Kirkanvol. In addition to Arcanist rule, the region is controlled indirectly through a council of sixteen noble houses. The oldest of which predate the Republic and garner a high level of respect (and fear) from the areas residents.


Major Settlements: Kirkanvol ranks 3rd overall within the West Glade in regards to total population, most of its residents live along the feet of the Calemil Mountains in isolated cities and towns near volcanic vents. The largest cities of Kirkanvol include the magical domed city of Frostforge (Large City) Population: 19,241, the ice walled city of Daerheim (Metropolis) Population: 26,788, the trench city of Terracast (Small City) Population: 7,771, and the supply station of Ui Xar (Large Town) Population: 2,530.


Religion: A traditional society, many of the state’s noble families pay homage to a patron deity. Worship of the Holy Five is common within Kirkanvol, the largest House of the Five is located in Frostforge. The Bitterspear, a sky breaking ice spire dedicated to Daermonstrix is located in Daerheim. Shieldhearth, a temple dedicated to Pilbo, is located in Frostforge. Several other small churches and shrines can be found throughout Kirkanvol.


Conflicts: Kirkanvol’s worst enemy is its unrelenting winter months. More people have died in this region from the deep cold than by all of its wars combined. Kirkanvol is a major front for the confederate advancement of total independence. To the east, approximately 50 miles from Frostforge, nearly 5,000 Kirkanvol warriors press against a determined Republic army of 8,000. As the war escalates additional soldiers and supplies flock to this region from across the West Glade and the Republic states. Outside of Kirkanvol’s war efforts, the lands surrounding the Calemil Mountains are riddled with yetis, frost giants, arctic gnolls and young white dragons. The lands to the south, near the Bramblemoor, house lizardmen, dire tigers, gray oozes, and are rumored to be the home of an old tarn linnorm of terrifying power.


Economy: Kirkanvol is heavily burdened by its war effort, this otherwise bustling state is currently last within the confederacy in regards to economic power. Trade agreements between several noble families and the dwarven kingdom of Dull’marr have provided a steady stream of dwarven steel and coal in the past. However recently the dwarves have slowed their exports and the city of Dull’marr has closed its iron gates to outsiders. Trappers and huntsmen make a decent living in these lands. Meat and fur are two of the region’s major exports. Small deposits of Ice Iron can be found in higher elevations, this rare metal is highly sought after throughout the world. Weavers and smiths are also common throughout the state’s cities, producing finished goods for distribution and trade throughout the rest of Tharstelding.


Relationships: A deep seeded hatred burns between residents of Kirkanvol and those from Trideep. This animosity is older than both the current day confederacy and the older republic. Inter turmoil between the noble Thanes of these lands is also common, as each house shuffles and positions itself for public favor. The state of Kirkanvol has long been trade partners with the dwarves of Dull’marr, and considers them one of their few allies.


  West Candu: West Candu is the official capital of the West Glade Confederate States, the first region to be secured by the Archwizards after the assassination of Kenbril Lentar and the seat of the Arcanist organization. Its capital, the arcane metropolis of Candu City, is located on the shores of the Eldross Ocean far away from the civil war that ensues in the east.


The coastal state of West Candu is bordered by the Calemil Mountains to the north, the Clouded Sea to the south, the Eldross Ocean to the west and the beginning of the Bramblemoor to the east. The smallest of the West Glade states, this region maintains temperate climates and an average level of rainfall annually. The high wind months of summer and winter as the weather changes always bring the potential danger of flooding along the coastal regions. As a result, Candu City is elevated on post foundations to allow the flood water to pass inland, making the city hard to access during abnormal high tides or seasonal flooding.


People: The metropolitan people of West Candu are a bustling and industrious folk. Bright colors and loose clothing are popular among the locals. Being a coastal region the people of West Candu are accustomed to a wide range of races within their borders. A higher than normal population migrating Thirvolans is typically housed within the state’s capital. Reg’Ostrans, Candari, Hill and Mountain Dwarves, Swamp and Mountain Elves are all common sights. The general attitude of permanent residents is one of business and matter of fact speaking often making the locals come off as initially rude or stubborn.


Government and Alignment: (Magocracy: Archwizard of the 1st Dhan Grandix En’Tar, NE) West Candu is governed by Grandix En’Tar, leader of the Archwizards of Candu. Known throughout the realm as a powerful and cunning mage, Grandix is said to hold powers vast and terrifying. The truth in fact is that Grandix is an ancient lich of considerable power and intellect. The Archwizard was part of the original magocracy that ruled Xar Zanth 2,000 years prior, however at that time he was a young tax collector for a magistrate in a long forgotten district of Dana. After the fall of the old magocracy Grandix fled west, as did most of the surviving wizards, to the frontier of the Candu province. There the young wizard learned the secrets of lichdom, and has since been lying in wait to extract his revenge against the republic. Shortly before the succession of the West Glade States, Grandix joined the Arcanist party and illustrated a level of wizardry far above what its current leaders could muster. After only two years Grandix clawed, cast and talked his way to the seat of 1st Dhan and stewardship of the Tower of Kelcausis in Candu City, the seat of the Archwizards and rulership of the West Glade States.


Major Settlements: West Candu ranks 2nd overall within the West Glades in regards to population, most of its inhabitants live along the regions western shoreline. The largest cities of West Candu include the arcane city of stilts Candu City (Metropolis) Population: 46,551, the vibrant purple walled city of Daruo (Large City) Population: 16,019, the underground hill city of Axeloft (Large City) Population: 16,008 and the coastal port town of Lestarn (Large Town) Population 4,181.


Religion: West Candu maintains traditional religious views that include a primary worship of the Holy Five. The largest House of the Five is located in the region’s capital Candu City. The Scrolled Halls, a college dedicated to the obscure gods Mockardis and Kenneforis can be found in Axeloft. Smaller churches dedicated to various members of the Shattered Pantheon are not uncommon throughout the state.


Conflicts: West Candu’s greatest conflict lays far to the east in the civil war between Xar Zanth and the fledgling West Glade Confederate States. As the most powerful and economically savvy nation state in the West Glades, West Candu supplies the war effort with the majority of its resources and dispatches valuable War Wizards to the front lines.


Economy: The economic powerhouse of West Candu is fueled by its exportation of finished magical items from Candu City. Its considerable resources place it 1st within the West Glade states for economic power. Most of the state’s magical items are created in a myriad of small workshops located throughout the capital city. In addition, the city levies heavy taxes from its various arcane colleges.


Relationships: The West Glade States maintain good relations with the wild elves of Far Leaf, hiring mercenaries from this island to support their struggle with the Republic of Xar Zanth. In addition, the Archwizards have recently opened up their city to diplomats from Arn, allowing them to establish an embassy to encourage trade and support in their war effort.