Instead of receiving an additional skill rank or hit point whenever you gain a level in a favored class, you have the option of choosing from a number of other bonuses, depending upon your favored class. The following options are available to all characters that have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the listed favored class reward.

In most cases, these benefits are gained on a level-by-level basis—your character gains the specified incremental benefit each time she gains a level. Unless otherwise noted, these benefits always stack with themselves. For example, a desert elf with Replicator as a favored class may choose to gain 1 point of energy resistance to fire each time they gain a level; choosing this benefit twice increases this resistance bonus to 2, 10 times raises it to 10, and so on.

Finally, some of these alternate favored class benefits only add +1/2, +1/3, +1/4, 1/5 or +1/6 to a roll (rather than +1) each time the benefit is selected; when applying this result to the die roll, round down (minimum 0). For example, a plains elf with Cavalier as their favored class adds +1/5 to their mounts speed each time they select the alternate Cavalier favored class benefit; though this means the net effect is +0 after selecting it once or twice (because +1/2 rounds down to +0), after 20 levels this benefit gives the desert elf a +20 bonus to their mount’s base speed.



Reg’Ostran: The Reg’Ostran race favors classes that lean to martial prowess.

Fighter: Add ¼ damage to attacks made with a two handed weapon.

Barbarian: Add 1 to the total number of rounds you can rage per day.

Striker: +2 to intimidate checks made to demoralize opponents.

Constable: Add 1/5 to the number of times per day you can smite chaos (every 5th time you select this ability you gain another use of your smite chaos ability).

Ranger: Add ½ to your wild empathy checks when dealing with reptilian creatures.



Thirvolan: Thirvolans excel in the arts of skill and subtlety.

Bard: Add 1 to your total number of bardic performance rounds per day.

Rogue: +2 to your disable device skill while opening locks.

Replicator: Add 1 HP to each replica you create.

Ranger: +2 to your stealth skill when performing a sniping action.

Cavalier: Add 1 to your CMD to resist disarm attempts.



Candari: The wizened Candari are masters of thought and principle.

Wizard: Gain ¼ to the DC to resist spells that you cast from the enchantment school.

Hedge Mage: Gain ¼ proficiency with an exotic weapon (every 4th time you select this ability you gain proficiency with an exotic weapon).

Sorcerer: Choose an energy type, gain ½ bonus damage to all spells you cast of the chosen type (max 5 per type).

Inquisitor: Add 1/3 to the number of orisons known (every third time you select this ability you gain a new 0 level spell from the Inquisitor list)

Alchemist: Gain ½ to the number of bombs you can create per day.

Tactician: Gain   ½ racial bonus to all profession skill checks.



Mountain Elf: Natural brawlers and protectors of their mountainous realms, the mountain elves make for superior warriors and protectors.

Striker: Add ¼ damage to your unarmed strikes.

Constable: Add 1 to your energy resistance for a single type of energy (max 10).

Druid:  +2 to your knowledge nature and survival checks while in mountainous regions.

Monk: Add ½ to your CMB when performing a trip maneuver. 

Oracle: Add ½ to your caster level checks when attempting to cast spells defensively.

Guardian: Add 1/3 to your fortitude saving throws.



Desert Elf: Hailing from some of the most dangerous regions of Draconspire, the desert elf  has learned to adapt to survive.

Vindicator: Add ½ to your CMB when performing a bull rush maneuver.

Replicator: Add 1 point of fire resistance to any replica you create.

Druid: Add 1 point of fire resistance to your animal companion, if you obtain a different animal companion this ability transfers.

Barbarian: Reduce the armor check penalty for any shield that you use by ¼.

Fighter: Add +2 to stabilization checks made while dying.

Hedge Mage: Add ½ to your caster level checks to beat spell resistance for any spell that you cast with the fire descriptor.



Swamp Elf: Crafty and versatile, the swamp elf excels in a wide range of professions.

Rogue: Add +2 to perception checks made when in areas of total darkness.

Oracle: Add ¼ to the total number of times per day you can use your Swamp Elf spell like abilities (for every four times that you select this ability you may use each of your spell like abilities once more each day).

Alchemist: Add 1/2 to fire damage dealt with your bombs.

Hedge Mage: Gain +2 to caster level checks made to cast a spell while suffering from ongoing damage.

Druid: Your animal companion gains 1.5 hit points.

Maligner: Gain ½ damage to your touch of corruption ability.

Vindicator: Gain 1/3 of a new gift (every 3 times you select this ability add 1 gift you are capable of learning to your list of gifts known).



Aquatic Elf: Born in the unrelenting oceans and lakes of Draconspire, the aquatic elf often  displays excellent talent in arcane and melee professions.

Sorcerer: Gain 1/6 of a new spell, which may be up to the highest level you can cast (every 6 times you select this ability immediately add 1 new spell you are capable of learning to your list of spells known).

Hedge Mage: Gain ½ to caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance of non-aquatic creatures.

Wizard: Spells you cast with the cost descriptor deal ½ additional damage.

Monk: Lessen your attack penalty for using a bludgeoning weapon, such as from unarmed attacks, under water by ½, once this lowers your penalty to 0 add ½ to your unarmed attacks made while under water.

Replicator: Your replicas gain a +2 bonus to the swim skill.

Guardian: Add 1/2 to the damage you heal with your lay on hands ability.



Plains Elf:  Plains elves often harness a wide variety of survival skills.

Guardian: Add ½ to your caster level when casting spells with the healing descriptor.

Cavalier: Increase your mounts speed by 1/5 feet (every 5th time you select this ability your mount’s base speed is increased by 5 feet).

Striker: Add +2 to your constitution checks made while performing a forced march.  Add +1 to survival checks made to predict weather or forage for food while outdoors.

Bard: Add +2 to your perform checks made without instruments.

Summoner: Add +1 skill rank to your eidolon.



Shadow Elf: Shadow elves often develop a skill set to help them gain the upper hand in combat.

Maligner: Add ¼ to your initiative checks.

Fighter: Reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 1% when using a shield.

Rogue: Add ½ damage to sneak attacks made with a short sword or dagger.

Wizard: Gain +2 to use magic device checks in order to emulate a race, ability score or alignment.

Inquisitor: +2 to your sense motive checks to sense enchantments.

Hedge Mage: Gain 1/6 of a new spell, which may be up to the highest level you can cast (every 6 times you select this ability immediately add 1 new spell you are capable of learning to your list of spells known).


Replicator: Add 1x1x1 feet to your Replicator vault size.