Conquered between 360 CM – 365 CM by Empress Tamitha, known as the Red Empress. The mighty Skeld River is a major artery of the Empire, providing a conventional means by which to deliver goods to the port city of Fesstrath. The short lived campaign to conquer these kingdoms was in part due to the ruthlessness of Empress Tamitha and the allegiance of the Kings from the Interior Lands who had previously warred with the Riverlords. To the current day bad blood is not uncommon between the inhabitants of the River Kingdoms and those from the Interior. Imperial rule appears to be the only thing keeping these otherwise mortal enemies in check.


A region with four distinct seasons, albeit a constant rainfall, the River Kingdoms are a highly populated territory. Commercial fishing and transportation, tanning, textiles, timber and food mills are the areas major economic products and services. Raw materials such as lumber, wheat and produce are brought in from the nearby Greatland Forest of the North and the Interior Kingdoms of the South for production and finishing.   




Tir’Torrent: The kingdom of Tir’Torrent, which means the Torrent Lands, rests in the Northeast corner of the Empire. Its Eastern edge butts against the Thunder Peak Mountains, stretching North through the Greatland Forest to the Copper Sea with some grass lands to the South. The capital city of Blackwater is so named due to the dark silt deposits that run off the mountains this close to the rivers beginning.


People: The people of Tir’Torrent are a hardy folk. Lightly tanned skin, amber hair and brown eyes are very common, however due to this kingdoms proximity to Pax Thallos it is also common for residents hair to display the more curly traits of a Thallan. Wood elves, mountain elves, hill and mountain dwarves are all fairly common.


Government and Alignment: (Monarchy, LN) Tir’Torrent is ruled by River King Jace Vonhilster, a militant, cold and calculating man in his middle years, widowed recently and father to a single child, Prince Falhar Vonhilster. The Kingdom of Tir’Torrent pays tribute and is subservient to the emperor or Tirmordane only, within its borders a caste noble system comprised of River King Jace’s family and sworn banner men rule the districts and cities in the name of both River King Jace and the empire. A lesser merchant class holds power over the common folk, but is awarded little weight when they seek audience with the River King.


Major Settlements: Tir’Torrent ranks 10th overall in the empire in regards to population, most of its inhabitants live along the Skeld River or in the grass lands to the South. The largest cities of Tir’Torrent include the mountain citadel of Blackwater (Large City) Population: 23,154, the river city of Falcons Head (Small City) Population: 9,455, the port town of Fellwash on the shores of the Copper Sea (Large Town) Population: 4,355, and the river rocked walls of Belle Faire along the southern road (Large Town) Population 2,801.


Religion: The people of Tir’Torrent primarily pay homage to the Five, with the largest church located in Blackwater. Very few in this region worship the Shattered Pantheon or are even educated about their existence.


Conflicts: The people of Tir’Torrent constantly skirmish with the neighboring kingdom of Shields End in small border raids, the empire regards these age old skirmishes as petty but is content to not interfere unless commerce and tribute are affected. In addition, hill giants and forest gnolls occasionally plague the kingdom from the North, increasingly common yet still rare are attacks on outlying settlements and farms by bands of rebel wood elves.


Economy: Tir’Torrent’s proximity to the Thunderpeak Mountains, its location at the start of the Skeld River and its good relationship with the Dwarven clans of Qnarr makes the city of Blackwater an ideal trading port for the mountains riches of copper, coal and gems. In addition, the kingdom benefits from its coastal territory to the North and its forested lands to the West. The warm ocean waters of the Copper Sea create large salt deposits, a valuable resource. The Southern portion of the Kingdom is densely populated grass lands with numerous farms and small settlements. Tir’Torrent ranks 12th out of 18 in overall economic resources among the Kingdoms of Tirmordane.


Relationships: The kingdom of Tir’Torrent maintains good relationships with the other River Kingdoms, the nearby lands of Pendlestar and the Dwarven clans of Qnarr. They generally distrust the kingdom of Shield’s End due to bitter rivalries for territory in the past, these tensions have led to small scale skirmishes recently with full scale war being averted due to the imperial garrison at the Emerald Tower, a fact that the inhabitants of Shield’s End have used to their advantage for years. Their distant location from the imperial capital of Kelterran leaves the people of Tir Torrent mostly alienated from imperial politics and the squabbling of the Avian Lords.




Arn: The kingdom of Arn is the Western most River Kingdom located at the mouth of the Skeld River where it runs into the Northern Reach. The kingdoms recognized borders include the Eastern half of the Fern Spire forest, the Skeld River to the East, the port city of Fesstrath to the North and about 40 miles of grasslands to the South. The capital of Arn is the Citadel of Arn, located at a strategic crossroads and bridge near the center of the kingdom.


People: The people of Arn are civilized and educated folk. Olive tanned skin, black hair and brown eyes are common. Arn is the 2nd most populated kingdom in the empire. The kingdoms close proximity to the Greatland Forest and the Fern Spires makes the appearance of Wood Elves a common sight. In addition, the busy port of Fesstrath imports all manner of folk as well as trade goods to the region. The people of these lands are known for setting the trends of fashion and culture within the Empire, the people of Arn display lavish clothing and hairstyles which seem to change on a monthly basis. In fact people from outside of Arn will often refer to the latest trends as Arnish.


Government and Alignment: (Merchant Monarchy, LE) Arn is ruled in name by Avian Queen Feldis Morgan who wears the Aerie Crown. Rule of Arn is not a hereditary title, but instead is passed to the wealthiest of the Avian Lords upon the death of the current ruler, a tradition that has resulted in many a fallen crown before its wearer’s natural expiration.


Major Settlements: Arn ranks 2nd overall in the empire in regards to population, second only to Kelterran, most of its inhabitants live along the Skeld River or in the grass lands to the South. The largest cities of Arn include the Citadel of Arn (Metropolis) Population: 32,566, the bustling port of Fesstrath (Large City) Population: 14,560, the imperial garrison Fort Tearisk (Military Garrison) Population: 4,850, the growing city of Woodshire (Large City) Population: 20,202, the raised river town of Bitterforks (Small City) Population: 9,005 and the tower ridden city of Ravens Rest with its black crowned spires (Small City) Population: 8,460.


Religion: The people of Tir’Torrent primarily pay homage to the Five, with the largest church located in Fesstrath. A large temple dedicated to Tall Heart is located in Woodshire in the Eastern Fern Spires. The Shattered Pantheon has additional shrines and temples scattered throughout the kingdom due to its nature as a bustling trade kingdom.


Conflicts: Arn is a military powerhouse, due mainly to the western garrison of imperial soldiers located at Fort Tearisk. Nonetheless this region is engaged in constant guerilla warfare with militia armies of rebel wood elves under the command of an exiled elven leader, Lord Valas Selven. This kingdom has no conflicts with neighboring kingdoms due to its strong imperial support and importance. On the high seas Arn merchant vessels are commonly plagued by pirates and rival kingdoms when away from the safety of its guarded harbors.


Economy: Arn’s location at the mouth of the Skeld River makes it the beating economic heart of the entire empire. Goods are constantly being brought in and out of the Kingdom for distribution and export abroad. While not a major producer of any finished product, the strategic location and taxes levied against imports and exports more than makes up for its lack of production. Arn ranks 2nd out of 18 in overall economic resources among the Kingdoms of Tirmordane as many of its Avian Lords own most of the kingdoms shipping companies and stores.


Relationships: The kingdom of Arn maintains good relationships with the other River Kingdoms, the nearby kingdom of Archonvale. White Shore maintains a shaky relationship with the Avian Crown, mainly due to its high number of Avian Lords and their rivalry for business and contracts. Ships have sometimes been known to “go missing” when sailing between these two ports, often at the expense or reward of some well positioned Avian Lord. In addition, the nation of Arn maintains an excellent relationship with the distant port town of Tel-Rink in the nation of Pax Thallos.



Skeldercairn:  Skeldercairn is known for its war like people, this was the last River Kingdom to be conquered by the empire in 365 CM. The small nation occupies the Southwest corner of the Greatland Forest, its forest and river borders marked with large stone cairns and river rock watch towers. The capital city of Bright Rock and its massive river rock walls sits in the center of the kingdom along the Skeld River.


People: The people of Skeldercairn, called Skelderfolk, dress, act and appear simple, often keeping their dark hair short and their clothing utilitarian. A war like and suspicious people, it is uncommon to see other races within the borders of this nation. However due to its location within the Greatland Forest the occasional Wood Elf is spotted.


Government and Alignment: (Tribal Monarchy CN) Skeldercairn is ruled by Blade King Argus Logsmith, a brutal and savage warlord with many wives and children. In Skeldercairn the Crown of Blades is held by the strongest Warlord for a period of 10 years, after which point he may be challenged for his crown by a single leader of a War Camp who has the support of every other War Camp. While this method seems savage, it creates a desire for the War Camps to work together in order to name a successor apparent. Currently Blade King Argus Logsmith is on his second reign.


Major Settlements: Skeldercairn ranks 7th overall in the empire in regards to population, most of its inhabitants live along the Skeld River or in the surrounding woodlands. The largest cities of Skeldercairn include the stone city of Bright Rock (Large City) Population: 23,400, the river crossing of Redfjord (Large City) Population: 12,321, the castle of Oakfort (Small City) Population: 7,560, the capital’s major suburb Rime (Small City) Population: 7,415, the woodland paradise of Veldis Vale (Small City) Population: 6,517 and the mill town of Rippleport (Large Town) Population 2,800.


Religion: The people of Skeldercairn mainly pay tribute to the Five, with the largest church being located in Bright Rock. A tribal and less enlightened people, the populace has raised several shrines to honor the Shattered Pantheon, with the largest being a shrine to Qarrdar in Veldis Vale and a shrine to Zelkar in Rime, the kingdoms center of culture and learning.


Conflicts: The people of Skeldercairn clash more from within then they do from without, with the pitch of battle being fiercest near the coronation of a new Blade King. The empire frowns on this infighting, however little can be done to quell this violence as it is deeply rooted in Skeldercairn culture.


Economy: Skeldercairn benefits from its economic location on the Skeld River, levying taxes from goods as they pass through its waters. The riverbanks also house many timber mills and tanneries which supply most of the empire with finished woods, furs and leathers. Although small in size, Skeldercairn ranks 6th out of 18 in overall economic resources among the Kingdoms of Tirmordane.


Relationships: A complex balance of chaos, law and utter discord holds the War Camps of Skeldercairn in loose order. With little concern regarding the outside world, the people of these lands care more about interrelationships within their cairn borders. The current Blade King holds little trust for the imperial seat, but knows enough about warfare to understand he could never escape imperial rule.




Ribbon Bridge: The kingdom of Ribbon Bridge encompasses roughly one third of the Skeld River, stretching nearly 200 miles from East to West and occupying the Southeast edge of the Greatland Forest. Named for its beautiful arch bridges that span the Skeld River, the capital Ribbon Bridge boasts no less than thirty of these wide bridges. The capital city of Ribbon Bridge shares the kingdoms name and rests on the widest point of the Skeld River.


People: The people of Ribbon Bridge appear typical for a Mordanian, with olive skin and dark hair. The kingdom boasts the highest population of Wood Elves within the River Kingdoms, with nearly ¼ of its total population being of elven or half elven decent.


Government: (Monarchy NG) Ribbon Bridge is ruled by River King Fandris Moor and River Queen Ulvanis Moor, an aged and kind hearted couple in their twilight years. With many children and grandchildren the Moor House has ruled Ribbon Bridge for over 300 years. Several other noble houses have direct lineage to the first River King and Queen, they comprise the kingdoms ruling class and make up the majority of the current rulers court.


Major Settlements: Although Ribbon Bridge is the largest of the River Kingdoms, the kingdom ranks 13th overall in the empire in regards to population, most of its inhabitants live along the Skeld River or in the Bridge Cities that span the Skeld River. The largest cities of Ribbon Bridge include the city of bridges Ribbon Bridge (Large City) Population: 16,554, the massive arched causeway of First Arch (Small City) Population: 6,788, the woodland crossing at Pinecross (Large Town) Population: 3,822, and the forestry town of Kettle Town (Large Town) Population 3,780.


Religion: The people of Ribbon Bridge primarily pay homage to the Five, with the largest church located in Ribbon Bridge. A large church dedicated to Ologos is also present at the pinnacle of the Bridge City First Arch. Several smaller shrines to Tall Heart, Xenis, Velmori and Lenarsiz are also common.


Conflicts: The people of Ribbon Bridge are well defended due to their position near to the imperial capital and their peaceful demeanor. It has been years since the armies of Ribbon Bridge have been mustered against a significant threat. However, with recent conflict between the empire and elven rebels, the occasional raid on smaller Bridge Cities is not unheard of.


Economy: Ribbon Bridge ranks 16th out of 18 in overall economic resources among the Kingdoms of Tirmordane. The major source of income for its cities is derived from bridge tolls and minor forestry operations where raw wood is shipped downstream to the mills in Arn and Skeldercairn.


Relationships: The kingdom of Ribbon Bridge maintains good relationships with the other River Kingdoms and the nearby lands of Pendlestar and Archonvale. They generally distrust the kingdom of Zend due to bitter rivalries for territory in the past. Their close position to Kelterran sometimes drags them into politics with the Avian Lords and the Imperial Crown, however this kingdom is more often left to its own devices due to its weak economic station.