Halfbloods are the offspring of female elves and males of other prime races. The most common being Half Human, Mountain Dwarf and Hill Dwarf. Halfblood elves themselves are not able to reproduce, which makes a Halfblood rare all across Draconspire. Halfbloods share traits of both their mother and father as per the list below. All Halfbloods share a few common traits also listed below. The size of a Halfblood is dependant on its parents, any Halfblood of Swamp elf, Aquatic elf, Thirvolan or Hill Dwarf heritage can be small size (2-4' Tall). A Halfblood's height and weight should be somewhere between its mother's and father's. A Halfblood can have either or a mix of skin, hair and eye tones with its parents. Halfbloods of the Shadow Elven heritage cast a dim shadow. Halfbloods usually adapt the alignment and attitudes of the civilization they grew up in.


Universal Halfblood Traits: Immunity to sleep effects if one of the parents has immunity to sleep effects.


Bloodlines: For all effects related to race, a Halfblood is considered the race of both parents. This also applies to favored class options. 


Automatic Languages: Common, and any other automatic language of the father and of the mother. For example, a ½ Wood Elf ½ Mountain Dwarf would have common, dwarven and elven.


Bonus Languages: All bonus languages of both the father and of the mother. In the instance that the father has any languages as bonus languages, for example a human father, then the Halfblood gains all languages as possible bonus languages as well.


Favored Class: Halfbloods begin play with a favored class as normal, however if they multi-class into a second class they may also utilize the favored class options for that 2nd class. Prestige classes are still not allowed as a favored class option.


In addition, a Halfblood gains 1 racial trait selected from the list available to its mother and 1 racial trait selected from the list available to its father. The Halfblood cannot select ability trait increases/decreases from both its parents unless they take the Halfblood Pedigree feat at character creation.