Creatures that develop a Spellbane have adapted to resist magical attacks. This template commonly manifests in animals located near regions of powerful magic or in areas of anti or wild magic. Fey, undead and elementals rarely develop a Spellbane. Areas that are known to have a higher concentration of these creatures include the anti-magic region of Skabvol Gorge, the forest tracts that surround the Rift in Pendlestar and in the surrounding fetid swamp lands of the Blackfoot March. 

More nefarious manifestations of a Spellbane have been known to manifest in the Archwizard controlled regions of the West Glade Confederate States, as Arcanists from Candu City are experimenting on soldiers in an attempt to gain a military advantage in their civil war with the Republic States of Xar Zanth.  

Rebuild Rules: The following rules are added to a creature that has the Spellbane template. A Spellbane creature has a CR +1 if under 5 HD, +2 if over 5 HD.

Defensive Abilities: A Spellbane creature gains spell resistance and damage reduction as listed below, these defenses increase depending on the hit die of the creature. 

Consume Spell Caster: Once per day, as a swift action, a Spellbane creature can declare a single creature within line of sight as the target of its Consume Spell Caster ability. The Spellbane creature gains a bonus to hit this target equal to its charisma modifier, each successful hit erases the target's ability to cast its highest level spell or spell like ability available as though the spell had been expended. If multiple spells or spell like abilities of the same level are available the spell removed is random. The spell caster can regain the use of spells lost in this manner as normal, typically through rest. The Consume Spell Caster ability persists until the target is dead or the Spellbane creature rests. 

Spellbane Creature Defenses 

Hit Die

Spell Resistance

Damage Reduction


5 + Hit Die



10 + Hit Die



12 + Hit Die


*Non-Magical damage reduction applies to any magical weapon and cannot be negated by any effect or ability. It can only be overcome with non-magical weapons.